New Books.

The following list of recent books contains entertaining guides to the people, the films, and the institutions that helped create the "Golden Age" of motion pictures. Most of the selections are written for a general audience.

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2008 Publications

Books are listed alphabetically under their announced month of release.
If a new book is released in both hardcover & paperback at the same time,
we will usually list only the paperback edition.
NOTE: Publication dates are often rescheduled or delayed indefinitely.


January, 2008:

   • AFI's Top 25 Movie Musicals (American Film Institute), by the Hal Leonard Corp.
        (50 songs from 25 films)
   • American Movie Critics: From Silents Until Now (Library of America)
, edited by
        Phillip Lopate (paperback edition)
   • Antonioni (Basic Film Series), by Seymour Chatman
   • Asian Cinema: A Field Guide, by Tom Vick
   • Bad Boys: The Actors of Film Noir, by Karen Burroughs Hannsberry (reprint)
   • Betty Smith: Life of the Author of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, by Valerie Raleigh

   • Beverly Hills Dead, by Stuart Woods (a novel set in 1940s Hollywood)
   • Black Comedians on Black Comedy: How African–Americans Taught Us to Laugh
        by Darryl J. Littleton (paperback edition)
   • The British Cinema Book (BFI Film Classics), (2nd edition) edited by Robert Murphy
   • The Cinema Book, (3rd edition), by Pam Cook
   • Composing for the Screen in Germany & the USSR: Cultural Politics and
, edited by Phil Powrie & Robynn Stilwell
   • Encyclopedia of Indian Cinema, edited by Ashish Rajadhyaksha & Paul Willemen
   • The Films of Fritz Lang: Allegories of Vision & Modernity, by Tom Gunning
        (paperback reprint)
   • Francois Truffaut: The Complete Films, by Robert Ingram
   • Francois Truffaut: Interviews (Conversations with Filmmakers), edited by Ronald
   • Freedom of the Sceen: Legal Challenges to State Film Censorship, 1915–1981,
        by Laura Wittern–Keller
   • Great Kisses: . . . and Famous Lines Right Out of the Movies, by Timothy Knight
   • Heroes, Lovers & Others: The Story of Latinos in Hollywood, by Clara Rodriguez
        (paperback reprint)
   • A History of the New Zealand Fiction Feature Film, by Bruce Babington
   • The Hollywood Studio System: A History, by Douglas Gomery (reprint)
   • Hollywood Winners & Losers, From A to Z, by Mark M. Thise
   • The Idea of Nature in Disney Animation, by David Whitley
   • Jean Cocteau (Critical Lives), by James S. Williams (paperback edition)
   • Jean Seberg – Breathless, by Garry McGee (paperback)
   • John Carradine: The Films, by Tom Weaver (paperback reprint)
   • John Osborne: The Many Lives of the Angry Young Man, by John Hellpern
        (paperback edition)
   • Joseph L. Mankiewicz: Interviews (Conversations with Filmmakers), edited by
        Brian Dauth
   • L.A. Noir: Nine Dark Visions of the City of Angels, by William Hare (reprint)
   • Leni Riefenstahl: A Life, by Jurgen Trimborn (paperback edition)
   • Leonard Maltin's Movie Crazy: For People Who Love Movies, by Leonard Maltin
   • A Long Hard Look at "Psycho" (BFI Film Classics), by Raymond Durgnat
   • Mass Culture & Italian Society from Fascism to the Cold War, by David Forgacs &
        Stephen Gundle
   • Michelangelo Antonioni: The Complete Films, by Seymour Chatman
   • Miracles & Sacrilege: Roberto Rossellini, the Church, & Film Censorship in
, by William Bruce Johnson
   • More than Night: Film Noir in its Contexts, (2nd edition) by James Naremore
   • My Life in Art, by Konstantin Stanislavski (a new translation by Jean Benedetti)
   • Orson Welles at Work, by François Thomas & Jean–Pierre Berthomé
   • Reading the French New Wave: Critics, Writers & Art Cinema in France, by
        Dorota Ostrowska
   • Screening Modernism: European Art Cinema, 1950–1980, by Andras Balint Kovacs
   • Stagecoach to Tombstone: The Filmgoer's Guide to Great Westerns, by Howard
        Hughes (paperback)
   • Theatres in Los Angeles (Images of America), by Suzanne Tarbell Cooper, et al.
   • Truffaut (Basic Film Series), by Robert Ingram
   • United Artists: The Company that Changed the Film Industry, by Tino T. Balio
        (paperback reprint)
   • Walt Disney: The American Dreamer, by Tom E. Tumbusch


February, 2008:

   • "A" Western Filmmakers: A Biographical Dictionary of Writers, Directors,
        Cinematographers, Composers, Actors & Actresses
, by Henryk Hoffman
   • African Americans & the Oscar: Decades of Struggle & Achievement
, (2nd
          edition) by Edward Mapp
   • The Age of Gold: Dali, Bunuel, Artaud: Surrealist Cinema, (revised) by Robert
   • American Cinema of the 1960s: Themes & Variations
, by Barry Keith Grant
   • America's Songs: The Stories Behind the Songs of Broadway, Hollywood, & Tin
        Pan Alley
, by Philip Furia (reprint)
   • Artists in Exile: How Refugees from Twentieth–Century War & Revolution
        Transformed the American Performing Arts
, by Joseph Horowitz
   • Arts of Darkness: American Noir & the Quest for Redemption, by Thomas S. Hibbs
   • Atomic Blonde: The Films of Mamie Van Doren, by Barry Lowe
   • Auteurs & Authorship: A Film Reader, edited by Barry Keith Grant
   • Bette Davis: The Performances That Made Her Great, by Peter McNally
   • Britain Can Take It: The British Cinema in the Second World War, (2nd edition)
        by Anthony Aldgate & Jeffrey Richards (paperback reprint)
   • Celebrities in the 1930 Census: Household Data of More Than 2,500 U.S. Actors,
        Musicians, Scientists, etc.
, by Allan R. Ellenberger (paperback)
   • Cinema & Fascism: Italian Film & Society, 1922–1943, by Steven Ricci
   • The Cinema: Its Present Position & Future Possibilities, by The National Council of
        Public Morals (paperback reprint of a 1917 British report)
   • The Cinema of Small Nations, edited by Duncan Petrie & Mette Hjort
   • Cinematic Howling: Women's Films, Women's Film Theories, by Hoi F. Cheu
        (paperback edition)
   • Charlie Chaplin: The Little Tramp, by Biographiq (a print–on–demand title)
   • Childhood and the Cinema, by Vicky Lebeau
   • Christian Dior: The Biography, by Marie–France Pochna (reprint)
   • The Colored Cartoon: Black Representation in American Animated Short Films,
, by Christopher P. Lehman
   • The Complete Kay Francis Career Record: All Film, Stage, Radio & Television
, by Lynn Kear & John Rossman
   • The Critical Eye: An Introduction to Looking at Movies, (4th edition) by Margo A.
        Kasdan & Susan Tavernetti
   • Eliminate the Impossible: An Examination of the World of Sherlock Holmes on
        Page & Screen
, by Alistair Duncan (paperback)
   • Fantastic Cinema Subject Guide: A Topical Index to 2,500 Horror, Science
        Fiction, and Fantasy Films
, by Bryan Senn & John Johnson
   • Filipinos in Hollywood (Images of America), by Carina Monica Montoya
   • Film Music, by Peter Larsen (translated from Norwegian by John Irons)
   • A Foreign Affair, by Gerd Gemunden (examines the films of Billy Wilder)
   • From Perversion to Purity: The Stardom of Catherine Deneuve, by Lisa Downing
        and Sue Harris
   • From Silent Screen to Multi–Screen: A History of Cinema Exhibition in Britain
        Since 1896
, by Stuart Hanson

   • Gangster Films: A Comprehensive, Illustrated Reference to People, Films, and
, by Michael L. Stephens (paperback reprint)

   • The Haunted Gallery: Painting, Photography & Film Around 1900, by Lynda Nead
   • Hollywood Heroines: Women in Film Noir & the Female Gothic Film, by Helen
        Hanson (paperback edition)
   • The Hollywood Historical Film, by Robert Burgoyne
   • Hollywood's American Tragedies: Dreiser, Eisenstein, Sternberg, Stevens, by
        Mandy Merck (paperback edition)
   • Horror at the Drive–In: Essays in Popular Americana, edited by Gary Don Rhodes
        (paperback reprint)
   • I thought We Were Making Movies, Not History, by Walter Mirisch
   • In Search of Ruritania: The Life & Times of Ivor Novello, by David Slattery–Christy
   • Indian Cinema Book, edited by Kaushik Bhaumik & Leila Jordan
   • Ingmar Bergman Revisited: Performance, Cinema & the Arts, edited by Maaret
   • Ingrid: Ingrid Bergman, A Personal Biography, by Charlotte Chandler (paperback
   • Joan Crawford: Hollywood Martyr, by David Bret (paperback edition)
   • Leni: The Life & Work of Leni Riefenstahl, by Steven Bach (paperback edition)
   • Lon Chaney: The Man of a Thousand Faces, by Biographiq (print–on–demand title)
   • Modernism on File: Writers, Artists, & the FBI, 1920–1950, edited by Claire A.
        Culleton & Karen Leick
   • Musical Theatre: A History, by John Kenrick
   • Nazi Propaganda & the Second World War, by Aristotle A. Kallis (paperback reprint)
   • Networks of Entertainment: Early Film Distribution 1895 – 1915, edited by Frank
         Kessler & Nanna Verhoeff
   • Not the Girl Nex Door: Joan Crawford, A Personal Biography, by Charlotte
   • Performing Illusions: Cinema, Special Effects & the Virtual Actor, by Dan North
        (paperback reprint)
   • Pictures at a Revolution: Five Movies & the Birth of the New Hollywood, by Mark
   • Portrait in Light & Shadow: The Life of Yousuf Karsh, by Maria Tippett
   • Post–Stalinist Cinema & the Russian Intelligentsia, 1953–1960, by Sergei
   • Remembering the Occupation in French Film: National Identity in Postwar
, by Leah D. Hewitt
   • Screening Novel Women: Gender in the British Nineteenth–Century Novel &
        Its Film Adaptations
, by Liora Brosh
   • Science Fiction Serials: A Critical Filmography of the 31 Hard SF Cliffhangers,
        by Roy Kinard (paperback)
   • Silent Lives: 100 Biographies of the Silent Film Era, by Lon Davis (Foreword by
        Kevin Brownlow)
   • Stepping Into the Picture: Cartoon Designer Maurice Noble, by Robert J.
   • The Tenth Muse: Writing About Cinema in the Modernist Period, by Laura Marcus
   • The Theatre Organ Murders, by Jeanette Howeth Crumpler (a novel set among the
        now bygone movie theaters of Theater Row in Dallas, Texas)
   • Theatres of Boston: A Stage & Screen History, by Donald C. King (paperback
   • Un–American Hollywood: Politics & Film in the Blacklist Era, edited by Frank
        Krutnik, et al.
   • Wheeling the Deal: The Outrageous Legend of Gordon Zahler, Hollywood's
        Flashiest Quadriplegic
, by Chip Jacobs (paperback)
   • Will Rogers, Performer, (2nd edition) by Richard J. Maturi & Mary Buckingham Maturi
   • Will Rogers Says, edited by Reba Collins (reprint)


March, 2008:

   • Action/Adventure Films: Classroom Resources, by Rob McInnes
   • Action/Adventure Films: A Teacher's Guide
, by Rob McInnes
   • Adapting Nathaniel Hawthorne to the Screen: Forging New Worlds
, by Laurence
   • Alternatives to Hollywood: A Teacher's Guide, by Sarah Perks, et al.
   • Andrei Tarkovsky: Elements of Cinema, by Robert Bird (paperback)
   • The Architecture of Image: Space in Cinema, by Juhani Pallasmaa (translated from
   • Art Directors in Cinema: A Worldwide Biographical Dictionary, by Michael L.
        Stephens (paperback reprint)
   • Black Space: Imagining Race in Science Fiction Film, by Adilifu Nama
   • Brilliance, by Rosalind Laker (paperback edition) – a novel about the early film industry
   • British Film Noir Guide, by Michael F. Keaney
   • Cecil B. DeMille: A Life in Art
, (2nd edition) by Simon Louvish
   • Comedy Films: Classroom Resources, by Brian Dunbar
   • Comedy Films: A Teacher's Guide, by Brian Dunbar
   • Cult Films: Taboo & Transgression (A Select Survey Over 9 Decades), by Allan
   • Diva: Defiance & Passion in Early Italian Cinema, by Angela Dalle Vacche
   • Early & Silent Cinema: A Teacher's Guide, by Keith Withall
   • Feminist Film Studies: A Teacher's Guide, by Terri Murray
   • Fifty Key British Films (Routledge Key Guides), by John White
   • The Films of Samuel Fuller: If You Die, I'll Kill You, by Lisa Dombrowski
   • Flash Gordon Serials 1936–1940: A Heavily Illustrated Guide, by Roy Kinnard
   • The French Cinema Book, edited by Michael Temple & Michael Witt (paperback
   • George Raft: The Man Who Would Be Bogart, by Stone Wallace
   • God, Man, & Hollywood: Politically Incorrect Cinema from the Birth of a Nation
        to The Passion of the Christ
, by Mark R. Winchell
   • Going to the Movies: Hollywood & the Social Experience of Cinema, edited by
        Richard Maltby, et al.
   • The Griffith Project, Volume 11, by The British Film Institute (BFI author record)
   • H.G. Wells: Modernity & the Movies, by Keith Williams
   • Historical Dictionary of German Cinema, by Robert Reimer
   • Hollywood Ambitions: Celebrity in the Movie Age, by Marsha Orgeron (paperback)
   • Hollywood in the Neighborhood: Historical Case Studies of Local Moviegoing,
        edited by Kathryn Fuller–Seeley
   • Hollywood Independents: The Postwar Talent Takeover, by Denise Mann
   • Hollywood's Man Who Worried for the Stars: The Story of Bö Roos, by Carolyn
        Roos Olsen
   • The Horror Genre: A Teacher's Guide, by Kate Domaille
   • In the Footsteps of The Quiet Man: The Inside Story of the Cult Film, by Gerry
        McNee (reprint)
   • Josef von Sternberg: The Case of Lena Smith, by James Hogg
   • Margarita Fischer: A Biography of the Silent Film Star, by Theresa St. Romain
   • Masculine Singular: French New Wave Cinema, by Genevieve Sellier
   • A Maysles Scrapbook: Photographs/Cinemagraphs/Documents, by Steven
        Kasher, et al.
   • Neutralized: The FBI vs Jean Seberg, by Jean Rullell Larson & Garry McGee
   • A New Heritage of Horror: The English Gothic Cinema, (revised & updated), by
        by David Pirie
   • Night Mail (BFI Film Classics Series), by Scott Anthony
   • Postcolonial African Cinema: Ten Directors, by David Murphy & Patrick Williams
   • Projecting Canada: Government Policy & Documentary Film at the National
        Film Board
, by Zoe Druick
   • Politics, Desire, & the Hollywood Novel, by Chip Rhodes
   • Researcher's Guide to British Cinemagazines, edited by Paolo Cherchi Usai, et al.
   • Science Fiction Film: A Teacher's Guide, by Elaine Scarratt
   • Silent Films & Early Talkies on DVD: A Classic Movie Fan's Guide, by John Howard
        Reid (paperback)
   • The Shifting Definitions of Genre: Essays on Labeling Films, Television Shows &
, edited by Lincoln Geraghty & Mark Jancovich
   • Shirley Booth: A Biography & Career Record, by David C. Tucker
   • Stalinist Cinema & the Production of History, by Evgeny Dobrenko (import – see
        August for U.S. edition)
   • Studying "The Third Man", by Lynne Hibberd
   • Superheroes!: Capes & Crusaders in Comics & Films, by Roz Kaveney
   • Theaters of Occupation: Hollywood & the Reeducation of Postwar Germany, by
        Jennifer Fay
   • Thinking About Movies: Watching, Questioning, Enjoying, (3rd edition) by Peter
         Lehman & William Luhr (paperback)
   • To Be or Not To Be (BFI Film Classics), by Peter Barnes
   • When Frankie Went to Hollywood: Frank Sinatra & American Male Identity,
        by Karen McNally
   • The Wizard of Menlo Park: How Thomas Alva Edison Invented the Mordern
, by Randall E. Stross (paperback edition)
   • The World & Its Double: The Life & Work of Otto Preminger, by Chris Fujiwara
   • Working with Walt: Interviews with Disney Artists, by Don Peri


April, 2008:

   • The ABCs of Classic Hollywood, by Robert B. Ray
   • Adrian: Silver Screen to Custom Label
, by Christian Esquevin
   • The Animated Man: A Life of Walt Disney, by Michael Barrier (paperback edition)
   • The Attractive Empire: Transnational Film Culture in Imperial Japan, by
        Michael Baskett
   • The Badger Kid: The Autobiography of Arthur Gardner, by Arthur Gardner
   • Causes Won, Lost, & Forgotten: How Hollywood & Popular Art Shape What We
        Know About the Civil War
, by Gary W. Gallagher
   • Cities & Cinema, by Barbara Mennel
   • Clark Gable – The King of Hollwood, by Biographiq
   • Coral Browne: 'This Effing Lady', by Rose Collis
   • Crowd Scenes: Movies & Mass Politics, by Michael Tratner
   • The Decline of Sentiment: American Film in the 1920s
, by Lea Jacobs
   • Dial "M" for Mother: A Freudian Hitchcock, by Paul Gordon
   • Dictionary of Cinema Quotations from Filmmakers & Critics: Over 3400 Axioms,
        Criticisms, Opinions & Witticisms from 100 Years of the Cinema
, edited by
        Stephen M. Ringler (paperback reprint)
   • Dubbing & Subtitling in a World Context, edited by Paolo Cherchi Usai, et al.
   • Emilio Fernandez: Pictures in the Margins, by Dolores Tierney
   • Fight Pictures: A History of Boxing & Early Cinema, by Dan Streible
   • Film on Paper: The Inner Life of Movies, by Richard Schickel (paperback)
   • Frank Sinatra – Ol' Blue Eyes, by Biographiq
   • George Gershwin, by Rodney Greenberg (paperback reprint)
   • German Expressionist Cinema: The World of Light & Shadow, by Ian Roberts
   • Great Spanish Films Since 1950, by Ronald Schwartz
   • Halliwell's Film Guide 2008, (23rd edition), by John Walker
   • Hiding in Plain Sight: The Secret Life of Raymond Burr, by Michael Seth Starr
   • Hollywood on Trial: McCarthyism in Hollywood, by Michael Freedland
   • An Introduction to World Cinema, (2nd edition) by Aristides Gazetas
   • John Wayne – An American Icon, by Biographiq
   • Keep Your Eye on the Kid: The Early Years of Buster Keaton, by Catherine
        Brighton (children's book)
   • Life Beyond Measure: Letters to my Great–Granddaughter, by Sidney Poitier
   • Marlon Brando – Actor & Activist, by Biographiq
   • Mary Martin, Broadway Legend, by Ronald L. Davis
   • Michelangelo Antonioni: Interviews, edited by Bert Cardullo
   • Now Playing: Early Moviegoing & the Regulation of Fun, by Paul S. Moore
   • Olivier, by Anthony Holden (reprint)
   • Piaf: A Passionate Life, by David Bret (paperback reprint)
   • Reframing Screen Performance, by Cynthia Baron & Sharon Marie Carnicke
   • Reluctant Witness: Robert Taylor, Hollywood, & Communism, by Linda Alexander
   • Robin Hood: A Cinematic History of the English Outlaw & His Scottish
, by Scott Allen Nollen (paperback reprint)
   • A Short History of Film, by Wheeler Winston Dixon & Gwendolyn Audrey Foster
   • Tarkovsky, edited by Nathan Dunne (paperback)


May, 2008:

   • Ain't That A Knee–Slapper: Rural Comedy in the 20th Century, by Tim Hollis
   • All–Stars & Movie Stars: Sports in Film & History, by Michael Schoenecke &
        Deborah Carmichael
   • Big Screen Boston: From "Mystery Street" to "The Departed" & Beyond, by
        Paul Sherman
   • Black American Cinema Reconsidered (AFI Film Readers)
, by M. Diawara
   • The Book of Dreams, by Federico Fellini (edited by Tulio Kezich & Vittorio Boarini)
   • The British Documentary Film Movement, 1926–1946, by Paul Swann (paperback
   • Buster Keaton: The Persistence of Comedy, by Imogen Sara Smith (paperback)
   • Classicism, Montage, Mise En Scene (Studies in Film), by Sam Rohdie
   • Conversations with the Great Moviemakers of Hollywood's Golden Age at the
        American Film Institute
, by George Stevens, Jr. (reprint – Library Binding)
   • Dying Swans & Madmen: Ballet, the Body, & Narrative Cinema, by Adrienne L.
   • Edgar G. Ulmer: Detour on Poverty Row, by Gary Rhodes
   • Elizabeth Taylor (Icon Series), by James Ursini
   • Elvis Presley (Icon Series), by F.X. Feeney
   • Everything is Cinema: The Working Life of Jean–Luc Godard, by Richard Brody
   • The Film Club: A Memoir, by David Gilmour (a father reaches out to his son through
        old movies in this unique blend of film history and personal memoir)
   • Frank Sinatra (Movie Icon Series), by Alain Silver
   • Frank Sinatra: You Only Thought You Knew Him, by Ted Schwarz & Nick Sevano
   • French New Wave (Pocket Essential Series), (2nd edition) by Chris Wiegand
   • The Gorgon's Gaze: German Cinema, Expressionism, & the Image of Horror, by
        Paul Coates (paperback reprint)
   • Hammer Film Scores & the Musical Avant–Garde, by David Hackvale (paperback)
   • Historical Dictionary of Horror Cinema, by Peter Hutchings
   • A History of the New Zealand Fiction Feature Film, by Bruce Babington (paperback
   • Hitchcock's Music, by Jack Sullivan (paperback edition)
   • Hollywood Heroines: Women in Film Noir & the Female Gothic Film, by Helen
        Hanson (hardcover edition)
   • The House that George Built: With a Little Help from Irving, Cole, & A Crew of
        About Fifty
, by Wilfrid Sheed (paperback edition)
   • Include Me Out: My Life from Goldwyn to Broadway, by Farley Granger & Robert
        Calhoun (paperback edition)
   • Italian Cinema: From the Silent Era to the Present
, by Peter Bondanella
   • King Kong & Other Great Hollywood Apes, by Bob Burns
   • Latin American Writers & the Rise of Hollywood Cinema, by Jason Borge
   • LIFE: Remembering Sinatra – 10 Years Later, by LIFE Magazine Editors
   • Long Ago & Far Away: Hollywood & World War II, by Robert Fyne
   • Mae West (Movie Icon Series), by Dominique Mainon & James Ursini
   • Marilyn in New York: Photographs by Ed Feingersh, by Lothar Schrimer
   • Movie London: Exploring the City Film–by–Film, by Tony Reeves
   • The Mysterious Montague: A True Tale of Hollywood, Golf, & Armed Robbery, by
        Leigh Montville
   • The Naked Brando, by George Englund (paperback)
   • Not So Quiet on the Set: My Life in Movies During Hollywood's Macho Era, by
        Robert E. Relyea & Craig Relyea
   • Old Tucson Studios (Images of America), by Paul J. Lawton
   • Riding the Hollywood Trail: Tales of the Silver Screen Cowboys, (2nd edition), by
        Charlie Lesueur
   • Riefenstahl Screened: An Anthology of New Criticism, edited by Neil Christian
        Pages, et al.
   • Shazam! The History of a Regal Cinema, by Rob Hemming
   • Somewhere: The Life of Jerome Robbins, by Amanda Vaill (paperback reprint)
   • The South Pacific Companion, by Laurence Masion
   • State Fare: An Irreverent Guide to Texas Movies, by Don Graham
   • Storm Over Asia (KINOfiles Filmmaker's Companions), by Amy Sargeant
   • The Studs Terkel Interviews: Film & Theater, by Studs Terkel (paperback reprint)
   • Ten Bad Dates With De Niro: A Book of Alternative Movie Lists, edited by Richard
        T. Kelly
   • The Toho Studios Story, by Stuart Galbraith
   • The SAGE Handbook of Film Studies, edited by James Donald & Michael Renov
   • This Side of Despair: How the Movies & American Life Intersected During the
        Great Depression
, by Philip Hanson
   • A Twist of Lemmon: A Tribute to My Father, by Chris Lemmon (paperback edition)
   • The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Fantasy, (3rd ed.), edited by David Pringle
   • Unfriendly Witnesses: Gender, Theater, & Film in the McCarthy Era, by Milly S.
   • What Would Barbra Do?: How Musicals Changed My Life, by Emma Brockes
        (paperback edition)


June, 2008:

   • Alastair Sim: The Real Belle of St. Trinians, by Mark Simpson
   • Bollywood: A History
, by Mihir Bose (paperback edition)
   • The Brothers Warner, by Cass Warner Sperling (paperback reprint)
   • The Cambridge Companion to the Musical, (2nd edition) edited by William A. Everett
        & Paul R. Laird
   • Carole Landis: A Most Beautiful Girl (Hollywood Legends Series)
, by Eric Gans
   • Cinema Genre, by Raphaelle Moine (translated by: Hilary Radner & Alistair Fox)
   • The Comedy of Philosophy: Sense & Nonsense in Early Cinematic Slapstick, by
        Lisa Trahair (paperback edition)
   • Controversial Cinema: The Films that Outraged America, by Kendall R. Phillips
   • A Cry from the Heart: The Biography of Edith Piaf, by Margaret Crosland
   • The Dancer Within: Intimate Conversations With Great Dancers, by Rose
        Eichenbaum, edited by Aron Hirt–Manheimer
   • Doris Day: The Untold Story of the Girl Next Door, by David Kaufman
   • Elvis: From Memphis to Hollywood, by Alan Fortas & Alanna Nash (paperback
   • Elvis: The Illustrated Biography, by Marie Clayton (hardcover reprint)
   • Essential Cinema: On the Necessity of Film Canons, by Jonathan Rosenbaum
        (paperback reprint)
   • Film & Memory in East Germany, by Anke Pinkert
   • Film & the Holocaust in France & Italy, 1956–1998, by Giacomo Lichtner
   • Harmony & Dissent: Film & Avant–garde Art Movements in the Early Twentieth
, by R. Bruce Elder
   • Harry Langdon: His Life & Films, (2nd edition), by William Schelly (paperback)
   • Historical Dictionary of Westerns in Cinema, by Paul Varner
   • Hollywood Babylon – It's Back!, by Darwin Porter & Danforth Prince
   • Hollywood Be Thy Name: African American Religion in American Film,
, by Judith Weisenfeld
   • How the Soviet Man Was Unmade: Cultural Fantasy & Male Subjectivity Under
, by Lilya Kaganovsky
   • Lights, Camera, Trivia!, by Philip Cerreta (paperback)
   • The Loveliest Woman in America: A Tragic Actress, Her Lost Diaries, and Her
        Granddaughter's Search for Home
, by Bibi Gaston
   • Me odiaría cada mañana, by Ring Lardner, Jr. (translated by Jose Moreno), a Spanish
        language edition of Ring Lardner, Jr.'s memoir "I'd Hate Myself in the Morning"
   • Mel Tormé: A Chronicle of His Recordings, Books, & Films, by George Hulme
        (paperback reprint)
   • Memories of Times Past: Stories & Photos Recalling Life in the Early 20th
, by Marta Hiatt
   • Moby Dick: The Screenplay, by Ray Bradbury
   • The Mouse Machine: Disney & Technology, by J.P. Telotte
   • Nazis & the Cinema, by Susan Tegel (paperback edition)
   • Oscar Micheaux, The Great & Only: The Life of America's First Black Filmmaker
        by Patrick McGilligan (paperback edition)
   • The Oxford Companion to the American Musical: Theatre, Film, & Television, by
        Thomas S. Hischak
   • Piaf: A Biography, by Monique Lange (paperback reprint)
   • Rickles' Book: A Memoir, by Don Rickles (paperback edition)
   • Tallulah!: The Life & Times of a Leading Lady, by Joel Lobenthal (paperback reprint)
   • True Grace: The Life & Times of an American Princess
, by Wendy Leigh (paperback
   • War & Film (Reaktion Books), by James Chapman (paperback)
   • What Almost Happened to Hedy Lamarr, 1940–1967, by Devra Z. Hill (paperback)


July, 2008:

   • AS Film Studies: The Essential Introduction, (2nd edition) by Sarah Casey
        Benyahia, et al.
   • Authorship in Film Adaptation
, edited by Jack Boozer
   • The Best of the Film Industry: Movies You Don't Want to Miss!, by Gabriel of
        Urantia (paperback)
   • British Horror Film Locations, by Derek Pykett
   • Buster Crabbe: A Biofilmography, by Jerry Vermilye
   • Carole Landis: A Photo Gallery (Every Serviceman's Girl), by Brenda J. Mills
   • China Forever: The Shaw Brothers & Diasporic Cinema, edited by Poshek Fu
   • Claudette Colbert: She Walked in Beauty (Hollywood Legends Series), by
        Bernard F. Dick
   • The Cold War & the United States Information Agency: American Propaganda &
        Public Diplomacy, 1945–1989
, by Nicholas J. Cull
   • David Lean: An Intimate Portrait, by Lady Sandra Lean & Barry Chattington
        (paperback reprint)
   • Dictionary of African Filmmakers, by Roy Armes
   • Doubting Vision: Film & the Revelationist Tradition, by Malcolm Turvey
   • Ernie, by Ernest Borgnine
   • The Glimmer Palace
, by Beatrice Colin (an historical novel about the motion picture
        industry in early 20th Century Berlin)
   • The Grin of the Dark
, by Ramsey Campbell (a horror novel that is also an homage to
        early Hollywood)
   • Hollywood on the Hudson: Film & Television in New York from Griffith to
, by Richard Koszarski
   • The Horse Who Drank the Sky: Film Experience Beyond Narrative & Theory, by
        Murray Pomerance
   • Insiders & Outsiders in Russian Cinema (Jewish Literature & Culture), edited by
        Stephen M. Norris & Zara M. Torione (paperback)
   • Laurel & Hardy's Final Film, by Norbert Aping (paperback)
   • Literature & Cinematography, by Viktor Shklovsky (paperback reprint of 1923
        edition) (translated by Irina Masinovsky – first English translation)
   • Maryland's Motion Picture Theaters (Images of America), by Robert K. Headley
   • Nazi Propaganda Films: A History & Filmography, by Rolf Giesen (paperback
   • Nippon Modern: Japanese Cinema of the 1920s & 1930s, by Mitsuyo
        Wada–Marciano (paperback edition)
   • 100 Best Films of the World, by Book Sales
   • Our Movie Houses: A History of Film & Cinematic Innovation in Central New
, by Norman O. Keim
   • Savages & Saints: The Changing Image of American Indians in Westerns, by
        Bob Herzberg
   • Scenes of Love & Murder: Renoir, Film & Philosophy, by James Hogg
   • Sergei Eisenstein (Reaktion Books – Critical Lives), by Mike O'Mahony (paperback)
   • Shakespeare, Film Studies, & the Visual Cultures of Modernity, by Anthony R.
   • The Stanislavsky System of Acting: Legacy & Influence in Modern Performance,
        by Rose Whyman
   • Stanley Kubrick: Essays on His Films & Legacy, edited by Gary D. Rhodes
   • Steve McQueen: A Life in Pictures, by Yann–Brice Dherbier
   • Stooges Among Us, edited by Lon Davis & Debra Davis
   • Turncoats, Traitors, & Fellow Travelers: Culture & Politics of the Early Cold War,
        by Arthur Redding
   • VideoHound's Golden Movie Retriever 2009: The Complete Guide to Movies on
        Videocassette & DVD
, published by Gale
   • Why We Fought: America's Wars in Film & History, by Peter C. Rollins & John E.
   • Women Filmmakers in Early Hollywood, by Karen Ward Mahar (paperback reprint)
   • Women in Weimar Fashion: Discourses & Displays in German Culture,
        1918–1933 (Screen Cultures: German Film & the Visual)
, by Mila Ganeva
   • World's Coolest Movie Star: The Complete 95 Films (And Legend) of Jean Gabin,
        Volume 1
, by Charles Zigman
   • World's Coolest Movie Star: The Complete 95 Films (And Legend) of Jean Gabin,
        Volume 2
, by Charles Zigman


August, 2008:

   • The Alfred Hitchcock Story, by Ken Mogg (hardcover reprint)
   • Alternative Film Culture in Inter–War Britain, by Jamie Sexton
   • Alternative Worlds in Hollywood Cinema, by James Walters
   • American Silent Film Comedies: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Persons, Studios
        and Terminology
, by Blair Miller (paperback reprint)
   • Blacks in Film (Lucent Library of Black History), by William W. Lace
   • Censoring the Moving Image (Manifestos for the 21st Century), by Mark Kermode
   • Creature Features: Nature Turned Nasty in the Movies, by William Schoell
   • Considering Doris Day
, by Tom Santopietro (paperback edition)
   • Destination London: German–Speaking Emigres & British Cinema, 1925–1950,
        edited by Tim Bergfelder & Christian Cargnelli
   • Divo Italiano: An Exclusive Collection of Rare Photos of Italian Movie Stars,
        created by Mediane
   • Everything You Wanted to Know About Slavoj Zizek: But Were Afraid to Ask
        Alfred Hitchcock
, by Laurenc Simmons
   • The Fame Formula: How Hollywood's Fixers, Fakers & Star Makers Shaped the
        Publicity Industry
, by Mark Borkowski
   • Film & Television In–Jokes: Nearly 2,000 Intentional References, Parodies,
        Allusions, Personal Touches, Cameos, Spoofs & Homages
, by Bill Van Heerden
        (paperback reprint)
   • The Films of Fay Wray, by Roy Kinnard & Tony Crnkovich (paperback reprint)
   • The First Hollywood: Florida & the Golden Age of Silent Filmmaking, by Shawn
        C. Bean
   • Ginger: Ginger Rogers, My Story, by Ginger Rogers (paperback reprint)
   • Glamour of the Gods, (Hollywood Portraits from the Kobal Collection, 1920–1960), by
        Robert Dance & John Taylor
   • Hollywood Bohemians: Transgressive Sexuality & the Selling of the Movieland
, by Brett L. Abrams
   • Indian Cinema in the Time of Celluloid: From Bollywood to the Emergency, by
        Ashish Rajadhyaksha
   • Jaro Fabry: The Art of Fashion, Style, & Hollywood in the 1930s–1940s, by Jaro
        Fabry (paperback)
   • Kenji Mizoguchi & the Art of Japanese Cinema, by Tadao Sato (translated by Brij
   • Korean War Filmography: 91 English Language Features Through 2000, by
        Robert J. Lentz (paperback reprint)
   • The Legend Returns & Dies Harder Another Day: Essays on Film Series, edited by
        Jennifer Forrest
   • Leonard Maltin's 2009 Movie Guide, by Leonard Maltin (paperback)
   • Lillian Russell: A Biography of America's Beauty, by Armond Fields (paperback
   • Lowering the Boom: Critical Studies in Film Sound, edited by Jay Beck & Tony
   • Mixed Race Hollywood, by Mary Beltran & Camilla Fojas
   • Possessed: Hypnotic Crimes, Corporate Fiction, & the Invention of Cinema, by
        Stefan Andriopoulos (translated by: Stefan Andriopoulos & Peter Jansen)
   • Special Effects Artists: A Worldwide Biographical Dictionary, by Rolf Giesen
   • Stalinist Cinema & the Production of History (Museum of the Revolution), by
        Evgeny Dobrenko (U.S. edition)
   • Steps in Time: An Autobiography, by Fred Astaire (paperback reprint)
   • Teach Yourself Film Studies, (3rd edition) by Warren Buckland (paperback)
   • Thorold Dickinson: A World of Film, edited by Philip Horne & Peter Swaab
   • The United States Marine Corps in Books & the Performing Arts, by Richard L.
        Hernenez (paperback reprint)
   • Va–Va–Voom! Classic Hollywood Pin–ups, by Chris Chang
   • Weimar on the Pacific: German Exile Culture in Los Angeles & the Crisis of
, by Ehrhard Bahr (paperback edition)

September, 2008:

   • The Academy Awards: The Complete Unofficial History, (5th edition) by Jim Piazza
        and Gail Kinn (paperback)
   • The Allure of Beauty: Women in Hollywood
, by Karen Durbin
   • American Lightning: Terror, Mystery, the Birth of Hollywood, & the Crime of the
, by Howard Blum
   • Art Deco San Francisco: The Architecture of Timothy Pflueger
, by Therese Poletti
        and Tom Paiva
   • Art of the Modern Movie Poster: International Postwar Style & Design
, by Judith
        Salavetz, et al.
   • Aviators in Early Hollywood (Images of America)
, by Shawna Kelly
   • Beginning Film Studies (Beginnings)
, by Andrew Dix
   • Bloody Hollywood
, by Troy Taylor (paperback)
   • Boris Karloff: A Critical Account of His Screen, Stage, Radio, Television, &
        Recording Work
, by Scott Allen Nollen (paperback reprint)
   • Caught in the Crossfire: Anti–Fascism, Anti–Communism & the Politics of
        Americanism in the Hollywood Career of Adrian Scott
, by Jennifer
   • Chaplin at Essanay: A Film Artist in Transition 1915–1916
, by James L. Neibaur
   • Chinese Filmography: The 2444 Feature Films Produced by Studios in the
        People's Republic of China from 1949 through 1995
, by Donald J. Marion
        (paperback reprint)
   • Cinema All the Time: An Anthology of Czech Film Theory & Criticism,
, edited by Jaroslav Andel & Petr Szczepanik (paperback)
   • Cinema of Tod Browning: Essays of the Macabre & Grotesque
, by Bernd
   • Cinema: The Beginnings & the Future
, edited by Christopher Williams
   • The Citizen Kane Crash Course on Cinematography: A Wildly Fictional Account
        of How Orson Welles Learned Everything About the Art of Cinematography in
        Half an Hour - or, Was It a Weekend?
, by David Worth
   • Dark Victory: The Life of Bette Davis
, by Ed Sikov (paperback edition)
   • Deconstructing Sammy: Music, Money, Madness, & the Mob
, by Matt Birkbeck
   • Detour (BFI Film Classics)
, by Noah Isenberg
   • Edith Head's Hollywood
, (25th Anniversary Edition) by Edith Head & Paddy Calistro
   • The Edward G. Robinson Encyclopedia
, by Robert Beck (paperback reprint)
   • Encyclopedia of Superheroes on Film & Television
, (2nd edition) by John Kenneth
   • The Film Encyclopedia: The Complete Guide to Film & the Film Industry
, (6th
        edition), by Ephraim Katz (paperback)
   • Film Stars & Their Awards: Who Won What for Movies, Theater & Television
, by
        Roger Leslie
   • Frankie Manning: Ambassador of Lindy Hop
, by Frankie Manning & Cynthia Millman
        (paperback edition)
   • Glamour: A History
, by Stephen Gundle
   • Global Soundtracks: Worlds of Film Music
, edited by Mark Slobin
   • Gossip, Letters, Phones: The Scandal of Female Networks in Film & Literature
        by Ned Schantz
   • Hattie: The Authorized Biography of Hattie Jacques
, by Andy Merriman
        (paperback edition)
   • The Haunted Screen: Expressionism in the German Cinema & the Influence of
        Max Reinhardt
, (2nd edition) by Lotte H. Eisner
   • Hazel Scott: The Pioneering Journey of a Jazz Pianist, From Cafe Society to
        Hollywood to HUAC
, by Karen Chilton
   • Historical Dictionary of italian Cinema, by The Scarecrow Press
   • Historic Photos of Ronald Reagan, by Jay Whitney
   • Hollywood Goes to Washington: American Politics on Screen, by Michael Coyne
   • Hollywood Heat: Untold Stories of 1950s Hollywood, by Steve Rowland
   • Hollywood: Scene of the Crime (A Self Guided Tour of Tinseltown's most
        Infamous Celebrity Crime Scenes)
, by Eric McConnell
   • Hollywood Trivia: Over 300 Curious Lists From Tinseltown, by Aubrey Malone
        (paperback reprint)
   • Hollywood's Ancient Worlds, by Jeffrey Richards
   • I'll Have What She's Having: Behind the Scenes of the Great Romantic
, by Daniel M. Kimmel
   • Journalism, 1908: Birth of a Profession, edited by Betty Houchin Winfield
   • Laurel & Hardy (Pocket Essentials), by Brian J. Robb (reprint)
   • Leading Couples (Turner Classic Movies), by Chronicle Books (paperback)
   • The Legs are the Last to Go: Aging, Acting, Marrying, & Other Things I Learned
        the Hard Way
, by Diahann Carroll
   • Let's Face It: 90 Years of Living, Loving, & Learning, by Kirk Douglas
        (paperback edition)
   • Lights, Camera, Soundtrack: The Ultimate Guide to Popular Music in the
, by Martin C. Strong & Brendon Griffin
   • Manufacturing Truth: The Documentary Moment in Early Soviet Culture, by
        Elizabeth Astrid Papazian
   • The Marx Brothers Encyclopedia, (2nd edition) by Glenn Mitchell (paperback edition)
   • A Matter of Life & Death: The Brain Revealed by the Mind of Michael Powell,
         by Diane Broadbent Friedman (paperback)
   • Movie Stars (Cube Book), by Valeria Manferto de Fabianis
   • Movie & Television Locations: 113 Famous Filming Sites in Los Angeles & San
, by Leon Smith (paperback reprint)
   • Movies that Matter, by Kenneth Turan
   • Natural Selection: Gary Giddins on Comedy, Film, Music, & Books, by Gary
   • Nazi Films in America 1933–1942, by Harry Waldman
   • Nickelodeon City: Pittsburgh at the Movies, 1905–1929, by Michael Aronson
   • The Oxford Handbook of Film & Media Studies, edited by Robert Kolker
   • Pieces of My Heart, by Robert Wagner
   • The Playboy Interviews: The Comedians, by Stephen Randall & Editors of Playboy
   • Polanski: A Biography, by Christopher Sandford (a biography of Roman Polanski)
   • RadioTimes Guide to Films, (revised) by RadioTimes (paperback)
   • Reagan: The Hollywood Years, by Marc Eliot
   • Roy Rogers Comics, Vol. 1, by Dark Horse Archives
   • Shakespeare, From Stage to Screen, by Sarah Hatchuel
   • Sherlock Holmes on Screen, by Alan Barnes (paperback reprint)
   • Son of the 100 Best Movies You've Never Seen, by Richard Crouse
   • The Story of 42nd Street: The Theatres, Shows, Characters, & Scandals of the
        World's Most Notorious Street
, by Mary C. Henderson & Alexis Greene
   • Unless the Threat of Death is Behind Them: Hard–Boiled Fiction & Film Noir, by
        John T. Irwin (paperback edition)
   • USA Today: Movie Acrostics, by Peter Scher
   • Vanity Fair: The Portraits (A Century of Iconic Images), by Graydon Carter
   • Veronica Lake: A Photo Gallery (The Peekaboo Blonde), by Brenda J. Mills
   • What Happens Next: A History of American Screenwriting, by Marc Norman
        (paperback edition)
   • You Must Remember This: The Warner Bros. Story, by Richard Schickel & George
   • Zagat Movie Guide 2009, by Zagat Survey


October, 2008:

   • American Prince: A Memoir, by Tony Curtis & Peter Golenbock
   • Ancient Greece in Film & Popular Culture
, (2nd edition) by Gideon Nisbet
   • Arthurian Legends on Film & Television, by Bert Olton (paperback reprint)
   • The B List: The Best Genre Movies, Low–Budget Beauties, & Cult Classics, as
        Voted by the National Society of Film Critics
, by David Sterritt & John Anderson
   • Behind the Curtain: Making Music in Mumbai's Film Studios
, by Greg Booth
   • Best of Enemies: Britain & Germany – 100 Years of Truth & Lies
, by Richard
   • British National Cinema
, (2nd edition) by Sarah Street
   • Campus Life in the Movies: A Critical Survey from the Silent Era to the Present
        by John E. Conkin
   • Cecil B. DeMille & the Golden Calf
, by Simon Louvish (paperback edition)
   • Chinese Feature Films 1905–1949: A Filmography
, by Yuwu Song
   • Chris Marker (French Film Directors)
, by Sarah Cooper
   • The Cisco Kid: American Hero, Hispanic Roots
, by Francis M. Nevins & Gary D.
   • Clark Gable: Tormented Star
, by David Bret (paperback edition)
   • Claude Rains: An Actor's Voice
, by David J. Skal & Jessica Rains
   • The Comedy of Charlie Chaplin: Artistry in Motion
, by Dan Kamin
   • A Companion to Spanish Cinema
, by Bernard P.E. Bentley
   • The Concise Cinegraph: An Encyclopedia of German Cinema
, by Hans–Michael
        Bock & Axel Goodbody
   • Critical Handbook of Japanese Film Directors: From the Silent Era to the
        Present Day
, by Alexander Jacoby & Donald Richie
   • Don't Mind If I Do
, by George Hamilton & William Stadiem
   • Douglas Fairbanks
, by Jeffrey Vance (with Tony Maietta)
   • Early Irish Cinema 1895–1921
, by Denis Condon
   • Elizabeth Taylor
, by David Bret
   • The Elvis Encyclopedia, by Adam Victor
   • Elvis: Still Taking Care of Business, by Sonny West & Marshall Terrill (paperback ed.)
   • Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoons, (3rd edition), by Jeff Lenburg (paperback)
   • Encyclopedia of the History of Jewish Comedy: Wouldn't It Be Funny if the
         Whole World Were Jewish!
, by Harvey Sheldon (paperback)
   • Environmental Scan of Moving Image Collections in the United States, by
        Jennifer Mohan
   • Ethel Merman: A Life, by Brian Kellow (paperback edition)
   • European Film Theory (AFI Film Readers), edited by Teme Trifonova (paperback)
   • Film & Television Scores, 1950–1979: A Critical Survey by Genre, by Kristopher
   • Film: A World History, by Daniel Borden, et al. (paperback)
   • Five Directors: Auteurism from Assayas to Ozon (French Film Directors), by Kate
   • The Fly at Fifty: The Creation & Legacy of a Classic Science Fiction Film, by Diane
        Kachmar & David Goudsward (paperback)
   • A Fortunate Life, by Robert Vaughn
   • Framed: The New Woman Criminal in British Culture at the Fin de Siecle, by
        Elizabeth Carolyn Miller
   • Framing the Fifties: Cinema in a Divided Germany, edited by John E. Davidson &
        Sabine Hake (paperback edition)
   • Fred Astaire (Icons of America), by Joseph Epstein
   • Get the Picture?: The Movie Lover's Guide to Watching Films, (2nd edition) by
        Jim Piper
   • Getting Along Famously: Secrets of Classic Friendships, by Melissa Hellstern
   • The Golden Years of Egyptian Cinema, 1936–1967, by Sherif Boraie
   • The Greatest Movies Ever: The Ultimate Ranked List of the 101 Best Films of All
, by Gail Kinn & Jim Piazza
   • "Have You Seen . . . ?": A Personal Introduction to 1,000 Films, by David
   • The Hidden Art of Hollywood: In Defense of the Studio Era Film, by John Fawell
   • Historic Hotels of Los Angeles & Hollywood (Images of America), by Ruth
        Wallach, et al.
   • History & Film, by Maarten Pereboom (paperback)
   • A History of Film Music, by Mervyn Cooke
   • Hollywood Movie Stills: The Golden Age, by Joel W. Finler (hardcover reprint)
   • Hopalong Cassidy – An American Legend, by Grace Bradley Boyd & Michael Cochran
   • Horror Cinema, by Jonathan Penner & Steven Jay Schneider
   • Horror: The Definitive Guide to the Cinema of Fear, by James Marriott & Kim
   • The Ingmar Bergman Archives, edited by Paul Duncan
   • Lana: The Memories, the Myths, the Movies, by Cheryl Crane & Cindy de La Hoz
   • The Law of the Looking Glass: Cinema in Poland, 1896–1939, by Sheila Skaff
   • Legendary Movies, by Paolo D'Agostini (Introduction by Franco Zeffrelli)
   • Life is a Dream in Cinema, by Pola Negri (translated from the French by R.K. Barclay)
   • LIFE: Remembering Audrey, by the Editors of LIFE Magazine
   • LIFE: Remembering Grace, by the Editors of LIFE Magazine
   • Making Movies with Orson Welles: A Memoir, by Gary Graver & Andrew J. Rausch
   • Marilyn, (Miniature Edition) by Cindy De La Hoz
   • Maurice Tourneur: The Life & Films, by Harry Waldman (paperback reprint)
   • Media & the Making of Modern Germany: Mass Communications, Society, and
          Politics from the Empire to the Third Reich
, by Corey Ross
   • Metamorphosis of Hollywood Filmmaking, by Adrian Robbe (paperback)
   • The Miracle Case: Film Censorship & the Supreme Court, by Laura Wittern–Keller &
        Raymond J. Haberski, Jr.
   • Monster Movies (Pocket Essentials), by Emma Westwood (paperback)
   • Movie Greats: A Critical Study of Classic Cinema, by Philip Gillett
   • New Orleans Goes to the Movies: Film Sites in the French Quarter & Beyond, by
        Alan T. Leonhard (illustrated by Jason LeBlanc)
   • On Tarzan, by Alex Vernon
   • 100 All–Time Favorite Movies, (25th Anniversary Edition, 2 Vols.) edited by Jürgen
   • 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die, (5th Anniversary Edition) edited by
        Stephen Jay Schneider
   • The Politics of the Soviet Cinema 1917–1929, by Richard Taylor (paperback reprint)
   • Rage & Glory: The Volatile Life & Career of George C. Scott, by David Sheward
   • Reel Life 2.0: 1,101 Movie Lines that Teach Us About Life, Death, Love,
        Marriage, Anger & Humor
, by Jon Anthony Dosa
   • Rudolf Friml (American Composers), by William Everett
   • Sacred Terror: Religion & Horror on the Silver Screen, by Douglas Edward Cowan
   • Sarah Bernhardt in the Theatre of Films & Sound Recordings, by David W.
        Menefee (paperback reprint)
   • The Selected Letters of Thornton Wilder, by Thornton Wilder, Jackson R. Bryer, &
        Robin G. Wilder
   • A Short History of the Movies: Abridged Edition, (10th edition) by Bruce Kawin &
        Gerald Mast (paperback)
   • Silver Scream, Vol. 1: 40 Classic Horror Movies 1920–1941, by Steven Warren
        Hill (paperback)
   • The South & Film, edited by Warren French (paperback reprint)
   • Spellbound by Beauty: Alfred Hitchcock & His Leading Ladies, by Donald Spoto
   • The Stanley Kubrick Archives, (25th Anniversary Special Edition) by Alison Castle
   • Stellar Encounters: Stardom in Popular European Cinema, edited by Tytti Stoila
   • Steve McQueen: Portrait of an American Rebel, (3rd edition) by Marshall Terrill
   • Through A Lens Darkly, by Jan Wahl (paperback)
   • Time Out Film Guide 2009, (17th edition) by the Editors of Time Out
   • Touch of Evil, by Rick Schmidlin (chronicles the efforts to reassemble the film)
   • True West: An Illustrated Guide to the Heyday of the Western, by Michael Barson
   • Unforgettable Steve McQueen, edited by Henri Suzeau (Foreward by Brad Pitt)
   • Vampire Films (Pocket Essentials), by Colin Odell & Michelle Le Blanc (reprint)
   • Virginia Bruce – Under My Skin, by Scott O'Brien
   • War Wings: Films of the First Air War (A Guide to the World War I Aviation
        Documentary Motion Pictures Held by the U.S. National Archives)
, by Phillip W.
   • When the Laughing Stopped: The Strange, Sad Death of Will Rogers, by John
   • Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide, by Glenn Kay (paperback edition)


November, 2008:

  • Abraham Lincoln on Screen: Fictional & Documentary Portrayals on Film &
, (2nd edition) by Mark S. Reinhart
   • Absent Friends: Paul Newman, A Look at All of Paul Newman's Films
, by Kevin
         Given (self–published paperback)
   • American Cinema / American Culture
, (3rd edition) by John Belton
   • An Arc of Mirrors: Australian Post–War Documentary Film
, by Deane Williams
   • The Art of Film: John Box & Production Design
, by Ian Christie
   • Bicycle Thieves (BFI Film Classics)
, by Robert Gordon
   • Bring in the Peacocks: Memoirs of a Hollywood Producer
, by Hank Moonjean
(hardcover reprint)
   • Bruce Lee (Pocket Essentials)
, by Simon Kenny (paperback reprint)
   • But That's Another Story: A Photographic Retrospective of Milton H. Greene
        by Amy Greene & Joshua Greene
   • Celebrity Minnesota: Minnesotans in the Spotlight – Past & Present
, by Sheri
        O'Meara (paperback)
   • A Century of Stop–Motion Animation: From Melies to Aardman
, by Ray
        Harryhausen & Tony Dalton
   • Chaplin: A Life in Film
, by Stephen Weissman
   • Chaplin: The Life & times of the Tramp
, by Simon Louvish
   • Cinematic Mythmaking: Philosophy in Film
, by Irving Singer
   • Circle the Wagons!: Attacks on Wagon Trains in History & Hollywood Films
, by
        Gregory R. Michno & Susan J. Michno
   • Classic Hollywood Stars: Portraits & Quotes
, by Mike Oldham
   • The Complete Lyrics of Oscar Hammerstein II
, edited by Amy Asch
   • The Dark Side of the Screen: Film Noir
, (2nd edition) by Foster Hirsch
   • Early Cinema & the "National"
, by Richard R. Abel, et al.
   • Elizabeth Taylor: A Life in Pictures
, edited by Pierre–Henri Verlhac & Yann–Brice
   • Entertainment Industrialised: The Emergence of the International Film
        Industry, 1890–1940
, by Gerben Bakker
   • Escape Artist: The Life & Films of John Sturges
, by Glenn Lovell
   • Film Curatorship: Museums, Curatorship and the Moving Image
, edited by Paolo
        Cherchi Usai, et al.
   • Film Music: A History
, by James Wierzbicki
   • Fred Willard's Magnificent Movie Trivia: Put Your Knowledge of Movies, Actors,
        Facts & Firsts to the Test
, by Fred Willard
   • The German Patient: Crisis & Recovery in Postwar Culture
, by Jennifer M.
   • German Postwar Films: Life & Love in the Ruins
, edited by Wilfried Wilms & William
   • Glamour Girls of 1940s Hollywood: Unforgettable Faces
, by Brenda J. Mills
        (self–published paperback)
   • The Historian & Film
, by Paul Smith (paperback reprint)
   • Historical Dictionary of Russian & Soviet Cinema
, by P. Rollberg
   • Hitchcock Annual Anthology: Selected Essays from Vols. 10–15
, edited by Sidney
        Gottlieb & Richard Allen
   • Hitchcock: The First Three Minutes
, by Rembert Huser
   • Hollywood Dreams Made Real: Irving Thalberg & the Rise of M–G–M
, by Mark A.
   • Hollywood's West: The American Frontier in Film, Television, & History
, edited
        by Peter C. Rollins & John E. O'Connor (paperback reprint)
   • In Spite of Myself: A Memoir, by Christopher Plummer
   • The Incredible Mr. Don Knotts, by Stephen Cox
   • Joan Collins: The Biography of an Icon, by Graham Lord (paperback edition)
   • Las damas de Hitchcock / Spellbound by Beauty, (Spanish edition) by Donald
   • Linda Darnell: A Photo Gallery, by Brenda J. Mills (paperback)
   • The Long Embrace: Raymond Chandler & the Woman He Loved, by Judith
        Freeman (paperback edition)
   • Marilyn: The Last Goddess, by Jerome Charyn
   • Movie Lists: 397 Ways to Pick a DVD, by Paul Simpson (paperback)
   • My Word is My Bond: A Memoir, by Sir Roger Moore
   • Nils Thor Granlund: The Swedish Showman Who Invented Amercian
, by Larry J. Hoefling (paperback)
   • Ole Blue Eyes, by Barbara Sinatra
   • 100 Years of Spanish Cinema, by Tatjana Pavlovic, et al.
   • 101 Forgotten Films, by Brian Mills
   • Orwell Subverted: The CIA & the Filming of Animal Farm, by Daniel J. Leab
   • Paul Newman 1925–2008 (People Tribute), by the editors of People Magazine
   • Photography & Cinema (Reaktion Books), by David Campany (paperback)
   • The Private Diaries of Catherine Deneuve: My Life Behind the Camera with Luis
        Bunuel, Francois Truffaut, Roman Polanski, & Lars von Trier
, by Catherine
        Deneuve (paperback edition)
   • Reading Dance: A Gathering of Memoirs, Reportage, Criticism, Profiles,
        Interviews, & Some Uncategorizable Extras
, by Robert Gottlieb
   • Screenwriting: History, Theory, & Practice, by Steven Maras
   • Sinatra in Hollywood, by Tom Santopietro
   • Somebody: The Reckless Life & Remarkable Career of Marlon Brando, by Stefan
   • Sophia Loren: A Life in Pictures, edited by Pierre–Henri Verlhac & Yann–Brice
   • Terror Tracks: Music, Sound & Horror Cinema, by Philip Hayward
   • The Thin Man: Murder Over Cocktails, by Charles Tranberg (paperback)
   • TIME OUT: Los Angeles (Time Out City Guides), (6th edition) by the editors of
          Time Out City Guides (paperback)
   • True West: An Illustrated Guide to the Heyday of the Western, by Michael Barson
   • Upton Sinclair Presents William Fox, by Upton Sinclair (historical hardcover reprint)
   • Visconti: Insights into Flesh & Blood, by Alexander Garcia Duttmann (translated by
        Robert Savage)
   • Vision, Images, & Dreams: Yiddish Film Past & Present, by Eric A. Goldman
        (paperback reprint)
   • Vivien Leigh: A Biography, (updated edition) by Hugo Vickers
   • Voices from the Wings: A Connoisseur's Collection of Great Theatrical &
        Showbiz Anecdotes
, (revised & enlarged) by Ned Sherrin
   • Whither Quo Vadis?: Sienkiewicz's Novel in Film & Television, by Ruth Scodel &
        Anja Bettenworth
   • Willard Van Dyke: Changing the World Through Photography & Film, by James
        L. Enyeart
   • Ziegfeld: The Man Who Invented Show Business, by Ethan Mordden


December, 2008:

   • Absent Friends: Elvis Presley, The Filmography of Elvis Presley, by Kevin Given
        (self–published paperback)
  • American Pop: Popular Culture Decade by Decade, (4 volumes) edited by Bob
   • Any Way I Can: Fifty Years in Show Business, by John Gay (with Jennifer Gay
        Summers) (paperback)
   • The Art of Ray Harryhausen
, by Ray Harryhausen & Tony Dalton (paperback reprint)
   • The Art of the Moving Picture
, by Vachel Lindsay (historical paperback reprint)
   • Audrey Hepburn: A Biography
, by Martin Gitlin
   • Betty Hutton Paper Dolls
, illustrated by Judy M. Johnson
   • Border Bandits: Hollywood on the Southern Frontier
, by Camilla Fojas
   • Britton on Film: The Complete Film Criticism of Andrew Britton
, edited by Barry
        Keith Grant
   • Chaplin in the Sound Era: An Analysis of the Seven Talkies
, by Eric L. Flom
        (paperback reprint)
   • Chinese Films in Focus II
, edited by Chris Berry
   • Cinema & Technology: Cultures, Theories, Practices
, edited by Bruce Bennett,
        et al.
   • The Cinema of Germany (24 Frames)
, edited by Joseph Garnacarz
   • The Cinema of India (24 Frames)
, by Lalitha Gopalan
   • Edgar G. Ulmer: Essays on the King of the B's
, by Bernd Herzogenrath
   • 80 Years of the Oscar: The Official History of the Academy Awards
, by Robert
   • Feature Films 1940–1949: A United States Filmography
, by Alan G. Fetrow
        (paperback reprint)
   • Feature Films 1950–1959: A United States Filmography
, by Alan G. Fetrow
        (paperback reprint)
Fifty Key American Films (Routledge Key Guides), by John White & Sabine
        Haenni (paperback edition)
   • Figurations of Exile in Hitchcock & Nabokov
, by Barbara Straumann
   • The FilmFour Film Guide
, by Karl French
   • Film: The Essential Study Guide
, edited by Ruth Doughty & Deborah Shaw
   • The Film Experience: An Introduction
, (2nd edition) by Timothy Corrigan & Patricia
   • From Demons to Dracula: The Creation of the Modern Vampire Myth
, by Matthew
   • The Fun Factory: The Keystone Film Company & the Emergence of Mass Culture
        by Rob King
   • Ginger Rogers Paper Dolls
, illustrated by Marilyn Henry
   • The Great Science Fiction Trivia Quiz Book!: Trivia Questions from the World of
        Sci–Fi in the Visual Media
, by Kevin Given (self–published paperback)
   • The Griffith Project, Vol. 12: Essays on D.W. Griffith
, edited by Paolo Cherchi Usai
   • Halliwell's: The Movies that Matter, (major new edition) edited by David Gritten
   • Historic Photos of Orange County, by Leslie Stone
   • A History of Horrors: The Rise & Fall of the House of Hammer, by Denis Meikle
        (paperback reprint)
   • Hollywood Style of the 30s, 40s, & 50s Paper Dolls, edited by Jenny Taliadoros &
         illustrated by David Wolfe
   • I Never Got a Dinner: The Autobiography of Red Buttons, by Red Buttons
   • The Immigrant Scene: Ethnic Amusements in New York, 1880–1920, by Sabine
   • Indian Cinema in the Time of Celluloid: From Bollywood to the Emergency,
        by Ashish Rajadhyaksha
   • The Laurel & Hardy Encyclopedia, (2nd edition) by Glenn Mitchell (paperback)
   • The Life of Yousuf Karsh: Portrait in Light & Shadow, by Maria Tippett (paperback
   • Machine–Age Comedy, by Michael North
   • Madame Bovary at the Movies: Adaptation, Ideology, Context, by Mary
        Donaldson–Evans (paperback)
   • Make 'Em Laugh: The Funny Business of America, (a companion book to the PBS
        series) by Michael Kantor & Laurence Masion
   • Medicine's Moving Pictures: Medicine, Health, & Bodies in American Film &
, edited by Leslie J. Reagan, et al.
   • The Moguls & the Dictators: Hollywood & the Coming of World War II, by David
   • Much Ado About Me, by Fred Allen (paperback reprint)
   • The Myth of an Irish Cinema: Approaching Irish–themed Films, by Michael
        Patrick Gillespie
   • Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: From the Secret Files of Harry Pennypacker,
        by Michael B. Druxman
   • Portrayals of Joan of Arc in Film: From the Historical Joan to Her Mythological
, by Margaret Joan Maddox
   • Post–War Italian Cinema, by Treveri Gennari
   • Rudyard Kipling & Sir Henry Rider Haggard on Screen, Stage, Radio, and
, by Philip Leibfried (paperback reprint)
   • The Silent Cinema in Song, 1896–1929, by Ken Wiaschin (paperback)
   • Silver Screen Crosswords to Keep You Sharp (AARP), by Stanley Newman
   • Stanley Baker: A Biography, by Robert Shail
   • Tudors & Stuarts on Film: Historical Perspectives, edited by Susan Doran &
        Thomas S. Freeman
   • Vanity Fair's Tales of Hollywood: Rebels, Reds, & Graduates, and the Wild
        Stories Behind the Making of 13 Iconic Films
, edited by Graydon Carter
   • Victor Fleming: An American Movie Master, by Michael Sragow
   • The Walt Disney Animation Studios Story (The Archive Series), by The Walt
        Disney Studios
   • Walt Disney Treasures: Mickey Mouse in Death Valley, by Floyd Gottfredson, et al.
   • Weimar Cinema: An Essential Guide to Classic Films of the Era, edited by Noah
   • Western Film Series of the Sound Era, by Michael R. Pitts
   • The World of Marilyn Monroe, by Ted Schwarz


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