Accidental Feminist.

The Marx Brothers.

Hedy Lamarr.

Hollywood Lives.

Stardust Monuments.

Western Movie Photographs.

Anthony Asquith.

Anatomy of Harpo Marx.

Barbara Stanwyck.

Battle for the Bs.

Carl Theodor Dreyer and Ordet.

A New History of Documentary Film.

William Selig.

The Astaires.

Hollywood 1938.

Film Noir The Directors.

Russian Film Posters.

Theda Bara.

Treasures of Noel Coward.

Elizabeth Taylor Queen of the Silver Screen.

Film Encyclopedia.

RKO Radio Pictures.

Westerns Essential Collection.

Audrey Hepburn.

Hollywood Cinema and the Real Los Angeles.

I Am Spartacus.

Stan Without Ollie.

John Wayne.

Third Reich's Celluloid War.

Classical Hollywood Reader.

Companion to Early Cinema.

Hermes Pan.

Hollywood Stills.

Hollywood Canteen.

Three Stooges Filming Locations.

Allan Dwan.

Reforming Hollywood.

The Past is a Moving Picture.

Samuel Fuller Interviews.

Death of Hollywood Moguls.

I Say I Say Son.

Hollywood Enigma, Dana Andrews.

Hollywood Unseen.

Griffith Interviews.

Movie Posters Calendar.

Destination London.

Robert Wise Shadowlands.

Classic Hollywood Style.

Hurrell, the Kobal Collection.

The Big Screen.

Elizabeth Taylor.

The Films of Joseph Lewis.

The Voice that Amazed America.

Hollywood Myths.

Katharine Hepburn Rebel Chic.

Film Noir Graphics.

Hollywood Unknowns.

The Man who Saw A Ghost.

Ride, Boldly Ride.

Hollywood Sketchbook.

Movie Box.

Hollywood Costume.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

1001 Movies You Must See.

Variety History of the World.

Disney Song Encyclopedia.

Lew Ayres.

Specters of War.

Companion to Film Comedy.

Mary Pickford Queen of the Movies.

Danny Kaye.


Mae Murray.

Queue Tips.

Visconti and the German Dream.

Spencer Tracy A Life in Pictures.

Show Boat.

Richard Burton Diaries.

Colour Films in Britain.

The Clyde Cook Story.

Ealing Revisited.

Disney's Most Notorious Film.

Elvis Presley a Southern Life.

Behind the Scenes at the BBFC.

Film Stardom.

Dancing With a Star.

Go West Young Women.

The Hollywood Family Film.

Rethinking the Femme Fatale.

Nightmare Alley.

Robert Rossen.

Walt Disney.

Sounds of Silents.

Sid Avery.

Studio City.

Who's Aftraid of Song of the South.


New Books.

The following list of recent books contains entertaining guides to the people, the films, and the institutions that helped create the "Golden Age" of motion pictures. Most of the selections are written for a general audience.

<< 2011 Publications

<< 2010 Publications

<< 2009 Publications

<< 2008 Publications

2012 Publications

Books are listed alphabetically under their announced month of release.
If a new book is released in both hardcover & paperback at the same time,
we will usually list only the paperback edition.
NOTE: Publication dates are often rescheduled or delayed indefinitely.


January, 2012:

   • The Accidental Feminist: How Elizabeth Taylor Raised Our Consciousness &
           We Were Too Distracted By Her Beauty to Notice
, by M.B. Lord
   • America Between the Wars, 1919–1941: A Documentary Reader
, edited by
           David Welky
   • American Cinema / American Culture
, (4th edition) by John Belton (paperback)
   • American Militarism & Anti–Militarism in Popular Media, 1945–1970
, by Lisa
           M. Mundey (paperback)
   • America's Corporate Art: The Studio Authorship of Hollywood Motion Pictures
, by Jerome Christensen
   • Atomic Cover–Up: Two U.S. Soldiers, Hiroshima & Nagasaki, & the Greatest
           Movie Never Made
, by Greg Mitchell (self–published paperback)
   • The Beauty of Imperfection: The Dick Contino Story
, by Dick J. Contino & Corky
           Bennett (self–published paperback)
   • Bringing Up Oscar: The Story of the Men & Women Who Founded the Academy
           by Debra Ann Pawlak (paperback edition)
   • California History for Kids: Missions, Miners, & Moviemakers in the Golden
, by Katy S. Duffield (written for young adults)
   • Century Girl: 100 Years in the Life of Doris Eaton Travis, Last Living Star of the
           Ziegfeld Follies
, by Lauren Redniss (paperback reprint)
   • Cinema Sheet Music: A Comprehensive Listing of Published Film Music from
           'Squaw Man' (1914) to 'Batman' (1989)
, by Donald J. Stubblebine (paperback
   • Classics on Screen: Ancient Greece & Rome on Film
, by Alastair Blanshard & Kim
           Shahabudin (paperback)
   • Close Up: A Critical Introduction to Film
, by Craig Padawer (paperback reprint)
   • Concentrationary Cinema: Aesthetics as Political Resistance in Alain Resnais's
           'Night and Fog'
, edited by Griselda Pollock & Max Silverman
   • Crime (Routledge Film Guidebooks), by Sarah Casey Benyahia
   • Darkening Mirrors: Imperial Representation in Depression–Era African
           American Performance
, by Stephanie Leigh Batiste
   • Directed by Jack Arnold
, by Dana M. Reemes (paperback reprint)
   • Directors & Their Films: A Comprehensive Reference, 1895–1990
, by Brooks
           Bushnell (paperback reprint)
   • Early Cinema Today: The Art of Programming & Live Performance
, by Martin
           Loiperdinger (paperback)
   • Emerald Illusions: The Irish in Early American Cinema
, by Gary D. Rhodes
   • Film & Genocide
, edited by Kristi M. Wilson & Tomas F. Crowder–Taraborrelli
   • The Film Experience: An Introduction
, (3rd edition) by Timothy Corrigan & Patricia
           White (paperback)
   • Framing the Nation: Documentary Film in Interwar France
, by Allison J. Murray
           Levine (paperback edition)
   • The Garden on Sunset
, by Martin Turnbull (fiction: set in Hollywood during the Golden
           Age of motion pictures) (self–published paperback)
   • Gender Meets Genre in Postwar Cinemas
, edited by Christine Gledhill
   • The Genius & the Goddess: Arthur Miller & Marilyn Monroe
, by Jeffrey Meyers
           (paperback reprint)
   • Godard, Between Identity & Difference
, by John E. Drabinski (paperback reprint)
   • The Greatest Movies Ever: The Ultimate Ranked List of the 101 Best Films of
           All Time
, (revised & updated) by Gail Kinn & Jim Piazza (paperback)
   • Hammer Films: An Exhaustive Filmography
, by Tom Johnson & Deborah Del
           Vecchio (forward by Peter Cushing) (paperback reprint)
   • Hedy Lamarr: The Most Beautiful Woman in Film
, by Ruth Barton (paperback
   • Hideous Progeny: Disability, Eugenics, & Classic Horror Cinema
, by Angela Smtih
   • Hitchcock Annual: Volume 17, edited by Sidney Gottlieb & Richard Allen (paperback)
   • Hollywood Lives: Movie Stars in the Golden Age, their own stories
, by Graham
   • Hollywood Westerns & American Myth: The Importance of Howard Hawks &
           John Ford for Political Philosophy
, by Robert B. Pippin (paperback reprint)
   • Hollywood's Detectives: Crime Series in the 1930s & 1940s from the
           Whodunnit to Hardboiled Noir
, by Fran Mason
   • Holocaust Impiety in Literature, Popular Music & Film, by Matthew Boswell
   • Humphrey Bogart: The Films From 1941 to 1956, by Ron Goulart & Daniel Herman
   • The International Film Musical, by Corey K. Creekmur & Linda Y. Mokdad
   • Julien's Auctions 2012 Hollywood Legends Auction Catalog, by Julien's Auctions
   • The Kaleidoscope of Noir: A History of Writing the Los Angeles Anti–Myth, by
           Sharon Sekhon (self–published paperback)
   • Learning With the Lights Off: Educational Film in the United States, edited by
           Devin Orgeron, et al.
   • The Life & Death of Thelma Todd, by William Donati (paperback)
   • Luis Buñuel: The Red Years, 1929–1939, by Roman Gubern & Paul Hammond
            (English translation of Spanish edition) (paperback)
   • The Marx Brothers Encyclopedia, (revised & expanded) by Glen Mitchell (paperback)
   • Mexican Cinema: Reflections of a Society, 1896–2004, (3rd edition) by Carl J.
           Mora (paperback reprint)
   • The New Woman International: Representations in Photography & Film From
           the 1870s through the 1960s
, by Elizabeth Otto & Vanessa Rocco (paperback ed.)
   • Photography, Early Cinema & Colonial Modernity: Frank Hurley's Synchronized
           Lecture Entertainments
, by Robert Dixon
   • Ronald Reagan: A Biography, by J. David Woodard
   • Screwball Comedy & Film Noir: Unexpected Connections, by Thomas C. Renzi
   • Seeing Fictions in Film: The Epistemology of Movies, by George M. Wilson
   • Selling the Congo: A History of European Pro–Empire Propaganda & the Making
           of Belgian Imperialism
, by Matthew G. Stanard
   • Sergio Leone: Something to Do With Death, by Christopher Frayling (paperback
   • Sherlock Holmes of Screen, (updated edition) by Alan Barnes (paperback)
   • Silents!: A Mystery in History, by H.P. Oliver (fiction: set in Hollywood during the
           silent–film era) (self–published paperback)
   • Son of Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History, by Manny Pacheco (self–published
   • Stardust Monuments: The Saving & Selling of Hollywood, by Alison Trope
   • Sweethearts of the Sage: Biographies & Filmographies of 258 Actresses
           Appearing in Western Movies
, by Buck Rainey (paperback reprint)
   • Tales of a Rascal: What I Did for Love, by Robert Blake (self–published hardcover)
   • Theda Bara: A Biography of the Silent Screen Vamp (With a Filmography), by
           Ronald Ginini (paperback reprint)
   • Up From Central Park, by Alan Mowbray (edited by Al Mowbray, Jr.) (self–published
   • Waifs of the Wasteland, by Wayne Beauvais (fiction: set in Hollywood during the
           silent–film era) (paperback)
   • Walt Disney & Recollections of the Disney Studios: 1955–1980, by Charles
           Tranberg (paperback)
   • Western Movie Photographs & Autographs, by Ken Owens
   • What Ever Happened to Mommie Dearest?: Joan Crawford's Descent into
           Horror & Beyond
, by John William Law (paperback)
   • White Gypsies: Race & Stardom in Spanish Musicals, by Eva Woods Peiro

February, 2012:

   • American Indians & Popular Culture, (2 volumes) edited by Elizabeth DeLaney
   • America's Greatest Jazz & Pop Singers
, by Harvey Sheldon (self–published
   • The Anatomy of Harpo Marx
, by Wayne Koestenbaum
   • Anthony Asquith (British Film Makers)
, by Tom Ryall (paperback reprint)
   • Barbara Stanwyck: The Miracle Woman
, by Dan Callahan
   • The Battle for the Bs: 1950s Hollywood & the Rebirth of Low–Budget Cinema
           by Blair Davis
   • Beyond the Illusion: A Spiritual Autobiography
, by Antonia Vidor (the daughter
           of acclaimed film director King Vidor) (self–published paperback)
   • The Brain Works: The Movie Maniac's Ultimate Puzzle & Trivia Book
, by TriviaTex
   • Brutal Vision: The Neorealist Body in Postwar Italian Cinema
, by Karl Schoonover
   • Camera Historica: The Century in Cinema
, by Antoine de Baecque (translated by
           Ninon Vinsonneau & Jonathan Magidoff)
   • The Cinema & the Origins of Literary Modernism, by Andrew Shail
   • A Companion to German Cinema, edited by Terri Ginsberg & Andrea Mensch
   • Dancing on the White Page: Black Women Entertainers Writing Autobiography,
           by Kwakiutl L. Dreher (paperback reprint)
   • Dismantling the Dream Factory: Gender, German Cinema, & the Postwar Quest
           for a New Film Language
, by Hester Baer (paperback reprint)
   • Documenting Racism: African Americans in US Department of Agriculture
           Documentaries, 1921–1942
, by Emmett J. Winn
   • Early Denver (Postcard History), by James Bretz (paperback)
   • Eighty Silent Film Stars: Biographies & Filmographies of the Obscure to the
           Well Known
, by George A. Katchmer (paperback reprint)
   • Fatalism in American Film Noir: Some Cinematic Philosophy, by Robert B. Pippin
   • Film: A Very Short Introduction, by Michael Wood (paperback)
   • Filming Fiction: Tagore, Premchand, & Ray, edited by Mohd Asaduddin & Anuradha
   • Gothic Machine: Textualities, Pre–Cinematic Media & Film in Popular Visual
           Culture 1670–1910
, by David Jones
   • Henry Mancini: Reinventing Film Music, by John Caps
   • A History of Greek Cinema, by Vrasidas Karalis
   • Hitchcock Re–viewed, by Gilbert Adair
   • Hollywood & the American Historical Film, edited by J.E. Smyth
   • Hollywood Rides A Bike: Cycling With the Stars, by Steven Rea
   • The Hollywood Sign: Fantasy & Reality of an American Icon, by Leo Braudy
           (paperback edition)
   • Italian Film: A Who's Who, (2 volume set) by John Stewart (paperback reprint)
   • Karel Reisz (British Film Makers), by Colin Gardner (paperback reprint)
   • Lady Blue Eyes: My Life With Frank, by Barbara Sinatra (paperback edition)
   • London Movie Guide: Walks, Tours & Locations, by Simon James (paperback)
   • Marilyn Monroe, (50th Anniversary Edition) by Parragon Books (paperback book +
   • The Men Who Knew Too Much: Henry James & Alfred Hitchcock, edited by Susan
           Griffin & Alan Nadel
   • Mothers, Mammies & Old Maids: Twenty–five Character Actresses of Golden
           Age Hollywood
, by Axel Nissen (paperback)
   • Movies & Meaning: An Introduction to Film, (6th edition) by Stephen Prince
   • Nationalising Femininity: Culture, Sexuality & British Cinema in the Second
           World War
, edited by Christine Gledhill & Gillian Swanson (paperback reprint)
   • The Oxford History of Popular Print Culture, Vol. 6: US Popular Print Culture
, by Christine Bold
   • Pop Twenty: 20th Century Pop Culture, Vol. 1, by Robert S. Birchard, et al.
           (self–published paperback)
   • Prove It On Me: New Negroes, Sex, & Popular Culture in the 1920s, by Erin D.
   • Roy Ward Baker (British Film Makers), by Geoff Mayer (paperback reprint)
   • Silent Film Performers: An Annotated Bibliography of Published, Unpublished &
           Archival Sources for over 350 Actors & Actresses
, by Roy Liebman (paperback
   • Sport Documentaries, by Ian McDonald
   • Studies in Terror: Landmarks of Horror Cinema, by Jonathan Rigby
   • Studying French Cinema, by Isabelle Vanderschelden
   • Sweet Memories, by David W. Menefee (fiction: a memoir by Mary Pickford's mother)
           (self–published paperback)
   • Sydney Box (British Film Makers), by Andrew Spicer (paperback reprint)
   • Tough Guy Wisdom II: Return of the Tough Guy (The Ultimate in Tough Guy
           Quotes & Trivia
, by Alain Burrese (paperback)
   • Tough Without A Gun: The Life & Extraordinary Afterlife of Humphrey Bogart,
           by Stefan Kanfer (paperback edition)
   • Travels of Bollywood Cinema: From Bombay to LA, edited by Anjali Gery Roy &
           Chua Beng Huat
   • Under Foreign Eyes: Western Cinematic Adaptations of Postwar Japan, by
           James King (paperback)
   • The United States of America, Petitioner, v. Motion Picture Patents Company
           and Others, Defendants (Trials, 1800–1926)
, by George W. Wickersham
   • Wild Wild Westerners: A Roundup of Interviews with Western Movie & TV
, by Tom Weaver (paperback)
   • Willing Seduction: The Blue Angel, Marlene Dietrich, & Mass Culture, by Barbara
           Kosta (paperback reprint)

March, 2012:

   • Abraham Lincoln on Screen: Fictional & Documentary Portrayals on Film &
, (2nd edition) by Mark S. Reinhart (paperback reprint)
   • Alphabet to Internet: Media in Our Lives
, (2nd edition) by Irving Fang (paperback)
   • American Rose – A Nation Laid Bare: The Life & Times of Gypsy Rose Lee
, by
           Karen Abbott (paperback edition)
   • American Silent Horror, Science Fiction, & Fantasy Feature Films, 1913–1929
           by John T. Soister, et al. (paperback)
   • Architecture for the Screen: A Critical Study of Set Design in Hollywood's
           Golden Age
, by Juan Antonio Ramirez (paperback reprint)
   • The Astaires: Fred & Adele
, by Kathleen Riley
   • Audie Murphy in Vietnam
, (updated & revised) by William Russo (self–published
           paperback reprint) (formerly titled: 'A Thinker's Damn')
   • Black Dahlia Avenger II: All–New Six Year Investigative Follow–Up
, by Steve
           Hodel (paperback sequel to the NYT Bestseller 'Black Dahlia Avenger: A Genius For
           Murder' --- presents new evidence about the 1947 'Black Dahlia' murder)
   • Bollywood: A Guidebook to Popular Hindi Cinema
, (2nd edition) by Tejaswini Ganti
           (paperback edition)
   • Borderlands Media: Cinema & Literature as Opposition to the Oppression of
, by David Toohey
   • Carl Theodor Dreyer & Ordet: My Summer With the Danish Filmmaker, by Jan
   • Chevalier (A One–Person Play in Two Acts), by Michael B. Druxman (Play: Maurice
           Chevalier reminisces about his life and his early Hollywood movies) (self–published
   • Col. William N. Selig: The Man Who Invented Hollywood, by Andrew A. Erish
   • Colleen Moore: A Biography of the Silent Film Star
, by Jeff Codori (paperback)
   • Death in Hollywood 2012
, (update of 2009 edition) by Willard C. Phillips
           (self–published paperback)
   • The Dinosaur Films of Ray Harryhausen: Features, Early 16mm Experiments
           and Unrealized Projects
, by Roy P. Webber (paperback reprint)
   • Directory of World Cinema: Iran
, edited by Parviz Jahed (paperback)
   • Directory of World Cinema: Germany, by Michelle Langford (paperback)
   • Dropped Names: Famous Men & Women As I Knew Them
, by Frank Langella
   • Edison, His Life & Inventions
, by Frank Lewis Dyer & Thomas Comm (self–published
           paperback reprint)
   • The Elks Opera House (Images of America)
, by Parker Anderson & Elisabeth
           Ruffner (paperback)
   • The Encyclopedia of Vaudeville
, by Anthony Slide (hardcover reprint)
   • The Film: A Psychological Study
, by Hugo Munsterberg (reprint of a 1916 book titled
           'The Photoplay: A Psychological Study')
   • Film, Mobility & Urban Space: A Cinematic Geography of Liverpool
, by Les
   • Film Noir
, by Alain Silver & James Ursini (edited by Paul Duncan) (hardcover reprint)
   • Film Noir (New Approaches to Film Genre)
, by William Luhr
   • Film Noir: The Directors
, edited by Alain Silver & James Ursini (paperback)
   • Film Sequels: Theory & Practice from Hollywood to Bollywood
, by Carolyn
           Jess–Cooke (paperback reprint)
   • Film Trilogies: New Critical Approaches
, edited by Claire Perkins & Constantine
   • The Forgotten Stars: Great Forgotten Talents From The Golden Days of Motion
, by David K. Bowman (self–published paperback)
   • Great Silent Comedians Poster Art Book
, by Jake Lenburg (self–published
   • Hitchcock's Ear: Music & the Director's Art
, by David Schroeder
   • Hollywood & Catholic Women: Virgins, Whores, Mothers, & Other Images
, by
           Kathryn Schleich (self–published paperback reprint)
   • Hollywood Locations: A Guide to the Sites of Movies, Murders, Suicides, &
           Events of Interest
, by Willard C. Phillips (self–published paperback)
   • Hollywood Melodrama & the New Deal: Public Daydreams
, by Anna Siomopoulos
   • Hollywood Movies on the Couch: A Psychoanalyst Examines 15 Famous Films
           by Henry Kellerman (paperback)
   • Hollywood 1938: Motion Pictures' Greatest Year
, by Catherine Jurca
   • Horror Cinema
, by Steven Jay Schneider & Jonathan Penner (hardcover reprint)
   • Intersections: Writings on Cinema
, by Sam Rohdie
   • The Lasting Influence of the War on Postwar British Film
, by Michael W. Boyce
   • Literature & Film in Cold War South Korea: Freedom's Frontier, by Theodore
   • A Mad, Crazy River: Running the Grand Canyon in 1927, by Clyde L. Eddy
   • Margarita Fischer: A Biography of the Silent Film Star, by Theresa St. Romain
           (paperback reprint)
   • Marlene: Marlene Dietrich, A Personal Biography, by Charlotte Chandler
           (paperback edition)
   • The Monster's Muse: Memories of Golden Era Hollywood Horror, by Bradford
           Tatum (fiction: set in Hollywood during the early 1930s) (self–published paperback)
   • Name That Movie: 100 Illustrated Movie Puzzles, by Paul Rogers
   • 'Olympia' (BFI Film Classics), (2nd edition) by Taylor Downing (paperback)
   • 100 Years Studio Babelsberg: The Art of Filmmaking, by teNeues Publishing
           Group (text in German & English)
   • Origins of the Fantasy Film: The Causes & Effects of Fantasy & Horror Films in
           the Silent Cinema
, by Trevor Smith (self–published paperback)
   • Paul Tillich & the Possibility of Revelation Through Film, by Jonathan Brant
   • Peter Lorre: Face Maker (Constructing Stardom & Performance in Hollywood
           and Europe)
, by Sarah Thomas
   • The Poetics of Slumberland: Animated Spirits & the Animating Spirit, by Scott
   • Poster Art from the Classic Monster Films, edited by Philip J. Riley (paperback)
   • Robert Bresson, (revised & expanded) edited by James Quandt (paperback)
   • Romantics & Modernists in British Cinema, by John Orr (paperback reprint)
   • Ronald Reagan: Our 40th President, by Winston Groom (paperback) (written for
           young adults)
   • The Routledge Encyclopedia of Film Theory, edited by Edward Barnigan & Warren
   • Seeing the Bigger Picture: American & International Politics in Film & Popular
, (2nd edition) by Mark Sachleben & Kevan M. Yenerall
   • Seeing the Light: Exploring Ethics Through Movies, by Wanda Teays
   • Silencing Cinema: Film Censorship Around the World, edited by Daniel Biltereyst
           and Roel Vande Winkel
   • The Spacesuit Film: A History, 1918–1969, by Gary Westfahl (paperback)
   • Speaking of Murder: Media Autopsies of Famous Crime Cases, Vol. 1, by
           Bonnie Bucqueroux (paperback)
   • Spencer Tracy: A Biography, by James Curtis (paperback reprint)
   • Tashlinesque: The Hollywood Comedies of Frank Tashlin, by Ethan de Seife
   • Titanic Century: Media, Myth, & the Making of a Cultural Icon, by Paul Heyer
   • To Kill the Duke, by Sam Moffie (fiction: a Cold War thriller that revolves around John
           Wayne and the making of his 1956 movie 'The Conqueror') (self–published
   • The Treasures of Noël Coward, by Barry Day (includes a DVD)
   • Visions of Aging: Images of the Elderly in Film, by Amir Cohen–Shalev (paperback
   • What You See in the Dark, by Manuel Munoz (fiction: a sinister tale set in Bakersfield,
           CA, when Alfred Hitchcock was preparing to make 'Psycho') (paperback edition)
   • When Hollywood Landed at Chicago's Midway Airport: The Photos & Stories of
           Mike Rotunno
, by Christopher Lynch (paperback)
   • When Magoo Flew: The Rise & Fall of Animation Studio UPA, by Adam Abraham
   • The Wit & Wisdom of the Movies: More Than 800 Amusing, Enlightening &
           Downright Disheartening Quotations
, edited by Nick Holt (hardcover reprint)
   • The 'Wizard of Oz' As American Myth: A Critical Study of Six Versions of the
           Story, 1900–2007
, by Alissa Burger (paperback)
   • Yours Most Sincerely: Autographed Images from Old Hollywood, by Robert M.
           Fells (self–published paperback)

April, 2012:

   • American Popular Song Lyricists: Oral Histories, 1920s–1960s, by Michael Whorf
   • American Popular Song Composers: Oral Histories, 1920s–1950s
, by Michael
           Whorf (paperback)
   • Americanizing Britain: The Rise of Modernism in the Age of the Entertainment
, by Genevieve Abravanel
   • Ancient Egypt in the Popular Imagination: Building a Fantasy in Film,
           Literature, Music & Art
, by David Huckvale (paperback)
   • Audrey Hepburn: Photographs 1953–1966
, by Bob Willoughby
   • Babes in Tinseltown: A Mystery of Hollywood's Golden Age
, by Sheri Cobb South
           (fiction) (self–published paperback)
   • Beaton in Vogue
, by Josephine Ross (paperback reprint)
   • Becoming Faulkner: The Art & Life of William Faulkner
, by Philip Weinstein
           (paperback edition)
   • Blood 'n' Thunder: All–Westerns Double Issue (Vol. 32)
, edited by Ed Hulse
           (self–published paperback)
   • Cinema By Other Means
, by Pavie Levi
   • Conversations at the American Film Institute With the Great Moviemakers:
           The Next Generation (From the 1950s to Hollywood Today)
, by George
           Stevens, Jr.
   • The Day the Stars Stood Still: A Memoir About Logan Fleming, the Former Top
           Wax Artist of Movieland Wax Museum
, by Suzanne Summer Ferry (paperback)
   • Dear Cary: My Life with Cary Grant
, by Dyan Cannon (paperback edition)
   • A Difficult Woman: The Challenging Life & Times of Lillian Hellman
, by Alice
   • Directory of World Cinema: Japan 2
, edited by John Berra (paperback)
   • Disney Stories: Getting to Digital
, by Newton Lee & Krystina Madej
   • Dressing Marilyn: How A Hollywood Icon Was Styled by William Tavilla
, by
           Andrew Hansford & Karen Homer
   • Elizabeth Taylor, 1932–2011: Queen of the Silver Screen
, by Ian Lloyd
   • Errol Flynn: The Quest for an Oscar
, by James Turiello (paperback)
   • Europe & Love in Cinema
, edited by Luisa Passerini, et al. (paperback)
   • The Forgotten Stars
, (Black & White Illustration Edition) by David K. Bowman
           (self–published paperback)
   • Frontier Figures: American Music & the Mythology of the American West
, by
           Beth E. Levy
   • The Godfather Was A Girl: . . . and Blanche Dubois Was A Guy – Real People
           Who Inspired Famous & Infamous Characters
, by Eamon Evans (paperback)
   • Gossip, Letters, Phones: The Scandal of Female Networks in Film & Literature
           by Ned Schantz (paperback reprint)
   • The Great Moviemakers: The Next Generation (Conversations at the American

           Film Institute), by George Stevens, Jr.
   • Greek Cinema: Texts, Histories, Identities
, edited by Lydia Papadimitriou & Yannis
           Tzioumakis (paperback)
   • Gregory Peck: A Biography
, by Gary Fishgall (paperback reprint)
   • Gunfight at the Eco–Corral: Western Cinema & the Environment
, by Robin L.
           Murray & Joseph K. Heumann (paperback)
   • Halliwell's Horizon: Leslie Halliwell & His Film Guides
, by Michael Binder (self–
           published paperback edition)
   • Hemingway: The 1930s Through the Final Years
, by Michael S. Reynolds
           (paperback reprint)
   • Historical Dictionary of Holocaust Cinema
, by Robert C. Reimer & Carol J. Reimer
   • History on Film / Film on History
, (2nd edition) by Robert Rosenstone (paperback)
   • Hollywood's Copyright Wars: From Edison to the Internet
, by Peter Decherney
   • The IRA on Film & Television: A History
, by Mark Connelly (paperback)
   • The Irving Berlin Reader
, edited by Benjamin Sears
   • Irving Berlin's American Musical Theater
, by Jeffrey Magee
   • Jeannie Out of the Bottle
, by Barbara Eden (with Wendy Leigh) (paperback edition)
   • The Jewish 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Jews of All Time
, by Michael
           Shapiro (self–published paperback reprint)
   • Jimmy Stewart On The Air
, by Charles Reinhart & Erna Reinhart (paperback)
   • Latino American Cinema: An Encyclopedia of Movies, Stars, Concepts, &
, by Scott L. Baugh
   • Marcel Pagnol (French Film Directors)
, by Brett Bowles
   • Marilyn by Magnum
, a collection of photos of Marilyn Monroe taken by the Magnum
           photographic cooperative
   • The Marilyn Monroe Story: The Intimate Inside Story of Hollywood's Hottest
           Glamour Girl
, (60 Year Anniversary Special Edition) by Joe Franklin & Laurie Palmer
           (self–published paperback reprint)
   • Max Factor: The Man Who Changed the Faces of the World
, by Fred E. Basten
           (paperback reprint)
   • MGM Makes 'Boys Town'
, by William Russo & Jan Merlin (self–published paperback
   • Movie Theaters of South Carolina
, by John R. Coles & Mark C. Tiedje (self–published
   • Music, Sound & Filmmakers: Sonic Style in Cinema
, edited by James Wierzbicki
   • A New History of Documentary Film
, (2nd edition) by Betsy A. McLane (paperback)
   • Now A Terrifying Motion Picture!: Twenty-five Classic Works of Horror Adapted
           From Book to Film
, by James F. Broderick (paperback)
   • 100 Ideas that Changed Film
, by David Parkinson (paperback)
   • Paul R. Williams: Classic Hollywood Style
, by Karen E. Hudson
   • Paul Robeson & the Cold War Performance Complex: Race, Madness, Activism,
           by Tony Perucci (paperback)
   • The Philosophy of Horror, edited by Thomas Fahy (paperback reprint)
   • Postwar Renoir: Film & the Memory of Violence, by Colin Davis
   • Psychology at the Movies, by Skip Dine Young (paperback)
   • RKO Radio Pictures: A Titan Is Born, by Richard B. Jewell
   • Romantic Presences in the Twentieth–Century, edited by Mark Sandy
   • Russian Film Posters: 1900–1930, by Maria–Christina Boerner
   • Sound in Film – The Change from Silent Film to the Talkies, by Allardyce Nicoll
   • South African Cinema, 1896–2010, by Martin Botha (paperback)
   • The Superhero Book: The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Comic–Book Icons &
           Hollywood Heroes
, (2nd edition) by Gina Misiroglu (paperback)
   • Talk About Cinema, by Jean–Baptiste Thoret (paperback)
   • 3–D A–to–Z: An Encyclopedic Dictionary, by Richard W. Kroon (paperback)
   • The Three Stooges Scrapbook, (revised) by Jeff Lenburg, et al. (paperback)
   • Weill's Musical Theater: Stages of Reform, by Stephen Hinton
   • Weimar Film & Modern Jewish Identity, by Ofer Ashkenazi
   • Westerns: The Essential 'Journal of Popular Film & Television' Collection, edited
           by Gary R. Edgerton & Michael T. Marsden
   • What's His Name? John Fiedler: The Man The Face The Voice, by Elizabeth
   • When Eagles Dared: The Filmgoers' History of World War II, by Howard Hughes
   • Women Vaudeville Stars: Eighty Biographical Profiles, by Armond Fields
           (paperback reprint)
   • Zombies A–Z, by Dan Oliver (paperback)

May, 2012:

   • Alan Lemay: A Biography of the Author of 'The Searchers', by Dan Lemay
   • Alfred Hitchcock's 'Frenzy': The Last Masterpiece
, by Raymond Foery
   • American Character & the Influence of Film – A Retrospective
, by Richard H.
           Clossman (self–published paperback)
   • An American Organist in Paris: The Letters of Orville Lee Erwin, 1930–1931
           by Michael Hix
   • American Showman: Samuel 'Roxy' Rothafel & the Birth of the Entertainment
           Industry, 1908–1935
, by Ross Melnick
   • Between the Laughs: Our Greatest Comedians Talk Seriously About Comedy
           and Each Other
, edited by Garry Berman (paperback)
   • Bollywood: Gods, Glamour, & Gossip (Short Cuts)
, by Kush Varia (paperback)
   • British Comedy Cinema
, edited by I.Q. Hunter & Laraine Porter (paperback edition)
   • Cinema & Classical Texts: Apollo's New Light
, by Martin M. Winkler (paperback
   • Cinema, Philosophy, Bergman: On Film As Philosophy
, by Paisley Livingston
           (paperback reprint)
   • Cinephilia in the Age of Digital Reproduction, Vol. 2: Film, Pleasure, & Digital
, edited by Scott Balcerzak & Jason Sperb
   • Collaborations With the Past: Reshaping Shakespeare Across Time & Media
           by Diana E. Henderson (paperback reprint)
   • A Companion to Chinese Cinema
, edited by Yingjin Zhang
   • Crazy, Crazy Hollywood: What Really Happens Behind the Scenes
, by Steve
           Siporin (paperback)
   • Culture of Class: Radio & Cinema in the Making of a Divided Argentina,
, by Matthew Karush
   • Equivocal Subjects: Between Italy & Africa – Constructions of Racial & National
           Identity in the Italian Cinema
, by Shelleen Greene
   • European Nightmares: Horror Cinema in Europe Since 1945
, edited by Patricia
           Allmer, et al.
   • The Film Encyclopedia: The Complete Guide to Film and the Film Industry
           (7th edition) by Ephraim Katz & Ronald Dean Nolen (paperback)
   • Film Unframed: A History of Austrian Avant–Garde Cinema
, by Peter Tscherkassky
   • The Films of Jean Seberg, by Michael Coates–Smith & Garry McGee (paperback)
   • From Behind the Lens: Short Stories of the News Photographers From the
           Pre–War Newsreel Era
, by A.L. Emily (self–published paperback)
   • Hitler & the Nazi Cult of Celebrity, by Michael Munn
   • The Hollywood Film Musical
, by Barry Keith Grant
   • Hollywood Latinos Offspring
, by Miluka Rivera (paperback)
   • J. Edgar Hoover Goes to the Movies: The FBI & the Origins of Hollywood's Cold
, by John Sbardellati
   • Let's Go to 'The Picture Show': An Historic Collection of Great Actors & Movies
           From the Golden Era
, compiled by Troy Whitworth (self–published paperback)
   • The Life & Music of Eric Coates
, by Michael Payne
   • Marilyn & Me: A Photographer's Memories
, by Lawrence Schiller
   • Mickey Cohen: The Life & Crimes of L.A.'s Notorious Mobster
, by Tere Tereba
   • Mickey Spillane on Screen: A Complete Study of the Television & Film
, by Max Allan Collins & James L. Traylor (paperback)
   • Mrs. Spencer Tracy & the John Tracy Clinic: A Tireless Drive to Educate Deaf
, by Patricia Mahon (paperback)
   • Music Is My Life: Louis Armstrong, Autobiography, & American Jazz
, by Daniel
   • My Life As A Mankiewicz: An Insider's Journey Through Hollywood
, by Tom
           Mankiewicz & Robert Crane
   • The Nelson–Wolgast Fight & the San Francisco Boxing Scene, 1900–1914, by
           Arne K. Lang (paperback)
   • Obituaries in the Performing Arts, 2011, by Harris M. Lentz (paperback)
   • 140 All–Time Must–See Movies for Film Lovers Now Available on DVD, by
           John Howard Reid (self–published paperback)
   • Perry Como: A Biography & Complete Career Record, by Malcolm Macfarlane &
           Ken Crossland (paperback reprint)
   • Ray Harryhausen's Fantasy Scrapbook: Models, Artwork & Memories from 65
           Years of Filmmaking
, by Ray Harryhausen & Tony Dalton
   • Reeling with Laughter: American Film Comedies, From Anarchy to
, by Michael V. Tueth
   • The Rise of Spanish–Language Filmmaking: Out from Hollywood's Shadow,
, by Lisa Jarvinen
   • The Sacred & the Cinema: Reconfiguring the 'Genuinely' Religious Film, by
           Sheila J. Nayar
   • Samuel Fuller: Interviews, edited by Gerald Peary
   • Screen Savers II: My Grab Bag of Classic Movies, by John DiLeo (paperback)
   • Sir John Gielgud: A Life in Letters, by John Gielgud (edited by Richard Mangan)
           (paperback reprint)
   • Six Reels Under, by David Del Valle (paperback)
   • Stardom & the Aesthetics of Neorealism: Ingrid Bergman in Rossellini's Italy,
           by Ora Gelley
   • The Tap Dance Dictionary, by Mark Knowles (paperback reprint)
   • The Third Reich's Celluloid War: Propaganda in Nazi Feature Films,
           Documentaries & Television
, by Ian Garden
   • The Thrill Makers: Celebrity, Masculinity, & Stunt Performance, by Jacob Smith
   • The Titanic on Film: Myth versus Truth, by Linda Maria Koldau (paperback)
   • The Vampire Film: Undead Cinema (Short Cuts), by Jeffrey Weinstock (paperback)

June, 2012:

   • All Fall Down: The Brandon deWilde Story, by Patrisha McLean (paperback)
   • The American Success Myth on Film
, by Julie Levinson
   • Bless You Bollywood!: A Tribute to Hindi Cinema on Completing 100 Years
, by
           Tilak Rishi (paperback)
   • Bogie: The Final Chapter (A Firsthand Account From the Set of Humphrey
           Bogart's Final Film 'The Harder They Fall', by His Acting Coach)
, by Eli Rill
   • The British Film Institute: The Government & Film Culture, 1933–2000
, edited
           by Geoffrey Nowell–Smith & Christophe Dupin
   • The Chaperone
, by Laura Moriarty (fiction: about the woman who chaperoned the
           actress Louise Brooks to New York City in 1922)
   • Character Actors in Horror & Science Fiction Films, 1930–1960
, by Laurence
           Raw (paperback)
   • Cinematic Hamlet: The Films of Olivier, Zeffrelli, Branagh, & Almereyda
, by
           Patrick J. Cook (paperback edition)
   • The Classical Hollywood Reader
, edited by Steve Neale
   • The Comedy Film Nerds Guide to Movies
, by Graham Elwood & Chris Mancini
   • The Complete Pat Hobby Stories
, by F. Scott Fitzgerald (fiction: 17 short stories
           about the Hollywood screenwriter Pat Hobby – first published between January 1940
           and May 1941) (paperback reprint)
   • Creolizing the Metropole: Migrant Caribbean Identities in Literature & Film
, by
           H. Adlai Murdoch
   • Cross–Cultural Connections in Crime Fictions
, edited by Vivien Miller & Helen
   • Directory of World Cinema: China
, edited by Gary Bettinson (paperback)
   • Disney Classics 2013 Wall Calendar
, published by Andrews McMeel Publishing
   • Disney Trivia from the Vault: Secrets Revealed & Questions Answered
, by Dave
           Smith (paperback)
   • Evaluating the Achievement of One Hundred Years of Scandinavian Cinema:
           Dreyer, Bergman, Von Trier, & Others
, edited by John Tucker
   • 50 of the Finest Films Hollywood Ever Made
, by John Howard Reid (self–published
   • Film & Political Culture in Postwar Japan
, by Michael H. Gibbs
   • Forgotten Horrors: The Original Volume – Except More So
, (revised & expanded)
           by Michael H. Price & George E. Turner (self–published paperback)
   • Funny: The Book – Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Comedy
, by
           David Misch (paperback)
   • Georges Franju (French Film Directors)
, by Kate Ince (paperback reprint)
   • Great Movies: 100 Years of Cinema
, compiled by Parragon Books
   • Greta Garbo: Divine Star
, by David Bret
   • Heat Wave: The Life & Career of Ethel Waters
, by Donald Bogle (paperback edition)
   • Hermes Pan: The Man Who Danced With Fred Astaire
, by John Franceschina
   • The Hollywood Canteen: Where the Greatest Generation Danced with the Most
           Beautiful Girls in the World
, by Lisa Mitchell & Bruce Torrence (paperback)
   • Hollywood: Its History of Death & Decay (The Early Years, 1831–1970)
, by
           Christopher Phillip Ward (self–published paperback)
   • Hollywood Movie Stills: Art & Technique in the Golden Age of the Studios
, by
           Joel W. Finler
   • Hollywood Romantic Comedies of the Fifties: A Critical Study of a Film Genre
           by Manuela Ruiz
   • Horror & the Horror Film
, by Bruce F. Kawin
   • I Am Spartacus!: Making a Film, Breaking the Blacklist
, by Kirk Douglas
   • The Idea of Nature in Disney Animation: From 'Snow White' to 'Wall–e'
, by
           David Whitely
   • If You Like 'The Terminator' . . . Here Are Over 150 Movies, TV Shows, & Other
           Oddities That You Will Love
, by Scott von Doviak (paperback)
   • Intersections: Writings on Cinema
, by Sam Rohdie
   • Jean Arthur: A Biofilmography
, by Jerry Vermilye (self–published paperback)
   • Jerome Moross's 'The Big Country': A Film Score Guide
, by Mariana Whitmer
   • Little Elf: A Celebration of Harry Langdon
, by Chuck Harter & Michael J. Hayde
   • The Longest Fight: In the Ring with Joe Gans, Boxing's First African American
, by William Gildea
   • Lord of the Jungle Filming Locations of California
, by Jerry L. Schneider
           (self–published paperback)
   • Los Angeles's Bunker Hill: Pulp Fiction's Mean Streets & Film Noir's Ground
, by Jim Dawson (paperback)
   • Margaret Mitchell's 'Gone With The Wind': A Bestseller's Odyssey from Atlanta
           to Hollywood
, by Ellen F. Brown & John Wiley, Jr. (paperback edition)
   • Marilyn At Rainbow's End: Sex, Lies, Murder, & the Great Cover–Up, by Darwin
           Porter (paperback)
   • Marilyn Monroe: Private & Confidential, by Michelle Morgan (paperback reprint)
   • Mission to Paris, by Alan Furst (fiction: during the late 1930s a Hollywood movie star
           goes to Paris to make a movie and becomes a spy)
   • Movie Posters 2013: From the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress,
           by The Library of Congress (wall calendar)
   • Moving Color: Early Film, Mass Culture, Modernism, by Joshua Yumibe
   • Music in American Combat Films: A Critical Study, by Wesley J. O'Brien
   • Music, Sound, & Technology in America: A Documentary History of Early
           Phonograph, Cinema, & Radio
, edited by Timothy D. Taylor, et al.
   • Pittsburgh Film History: On Set in the Steel City, by John Tiech (paperback)
   • Pulp Fiction to Film Noir: The Great Depression & the Development of a Genre,
           by William Hare (paperback)
   • Reforming Hollywood: How American Protestants Fought for Freedom at the
, by William D. Romanowski
   • Screening the Face, by Paul Coates
   • Siegfried Kracauer's American Writings: Essays on Film & Popular Culture, by
           Siegfried Kracauer (edited by Johannes von Moltke & Kristy Rawson)
   • Song of the Open Road: An Autobiography & Other Writings, by Paul Weston &
           Jo Stafford (paperback)
   • VideoHound's Golden Movie Retriever, 2013, published by Gale
   • What A Wonderful World: The Magic of Louis Armstrong's Later Years, by Ricky
           Riccardi (paperback edition)
   • A Who's Who of British Silent Cinema, by Trevor Smith (self–published paperback)

July, 2012:

   • Acting & Performance in Moving Image Culture: Bodies, Screens, & Renderings,
           edited by Joerg Sternagel, et al. (paperback)
   • Affectionately, Jayne Mansfield
, by Richard Koper (paperback)
   • The American Musical & the Formation of National Identity
, by Raymond Knapp
           (paperback reprint)
   • Anna May Wong: From Laundryman's Daughter to Hollywood Legend
, by
           Graham Hodges (paperback reprint)
   • Audrey Hepburn: A Charmed Life
, by Robyn Karney
   • The Art of Censorship in Postwar Japan
, by Kirsten Cather
   • Betty Grable Paper Dolls
, by Tom Tierney (paperback)
   • Blood 'n' Thunder's Cliffhanger Classics
, edited by Ed Huise (self–published
   • Blood 'n' Thunder's Western Movie Roundup
, edited by Ed Hulse (self–published
   • By Love Reclaimed: Jean Harlow Returns to Clear Her Husband's Name
, by
           Adrian Finkelstein & Valerie Franich (described as a 'Non–Fiction Novel')
   • Casting Norma Jeane: A Starlet is Transformed into Marilyn Monroe
, by James
           Glaeg (paperback)
   • Cinema & Inter–American Relations: Tracking Transnational Affect
, by Adrian
           Perez Melgosa
   • Cinema & Zionism: The Development of a Nation through Film
, by Ariel L.
   • A Companion to Early Cinema
, edited by André Gaudreault, et al.
   • D.W. Griffith: Interviews
, edited by Anthony Slide
   • Death in Hollywoodland
, by Will Phillips (self–published paperback)
   • Documentary Film
, (4 volumes) edited by Ian Aitken
   • Electric Dreamland: Amusement Parks, Movies, & American Modernity
, by
           Lauren Rabinovitz
   • The Empty Glass
, by J.I. Baker (fiction: a young coroner, who is the first on the scene
           when Marilyn Monroe if found dead, relates the events surrounding the incident)
   • Entertainment Crosswords: Movies, Music, Broadway, Sports, TV & More
, by
           Sam Bellotto, Jr. (paperback)
   • F.W. Murnau
, by Les Hammer (self–published paperback)
   • Film Art: An Introduction
, (10th edition) by David Bordwell & Kristin Thompson
   • Film, Art, New Media: Museum Without Walls?
, edited by Angela Dalle Vacche
   • Film Theories & Philosophies of Colour: The Residual Image
, by Elizabeth I.
   • Frankie Thomas: Eternal Cadet, by Jan Merlin & William Russo (self–published
   • Graphic Horror: Movie Monster Memories, by John Edgar Browning
   • The Great Black Spider on its Knock–Kneed Tripod: Reflections of Cinema in
           Early Twentieth–Century Italy
, by Michael Syrimis
   • Great Movie Musicals on DVD, by John Howard Reid (self–published paperback)
   • Hollywood Enigma: Dana Andrews, by Carl Rollyson
   • 'House on Haunted Hill': A William Castle Annotated Screamplay, by William
           Castle & Robb White (paperback reprint)
   • Houseful: The Golden Years of Hindi Cinema, by Us Salam Ziya (paperback)
   • 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers': The Making of a Classic, by Mark Thomas McGee
   • James Dean 2013 Wall Calendar, by Browntrout Publishers (calendar)
   • Jean Epstein: Critical Essays & New Translations, edited by Sarah Keller & Jason N.
           Paul (paperback)
   • John Wayne: His Life & Films, by Ceri Thomas
   • The Last Days of Marilyn Monroe, by Donald H. Wolfe (paperback reprint)
   • Lone Pine in the Movies: Daredevils of the West, by Ed Hulse, et al. (self–published
           paperback reprint)
   • Lupe Vélez: The Life & Career of Hollywood's 'Mexican Spitfire', by Michelle Vogel
   • Mae West 2013 Calendar, published by NMR Distribution (calendar)
   • The Marilyn Encyclopedia, (50th Anniversary Edition) by Adam Victor (paperback
   • Marilyn in Fashion: The Enduring Influence of Marilyn Monroe, by Christopher
           Nickens & George Zeno
   • Marilyn Monroe: The Final Years, by Keith Badman (hardcover reprint)
   • Marilyn Monroe: Milton's Marilyn, by Kotsilibas–Davis
   • Marilyn Monroe 2013 Calendar, published by NMR Distribution (calendar)
   • Marilyn Remembered, by Cindy De La Hoz
   • Marilyn: The Passion & the Paradox, by Lois Banner
   • Morality & the Movies: Reading Ethics Through Film, by Dan Shaw
   • My Hollywood: When Both of Us Were Young, by Patsy Ruth Miller (paperback
   • My 'Secret Love' Affair with Doris Day, by Michael DeVita (self–published paperback)
   • Myrna Loy: The Only Good Girl in Hollywood, by Emily W. Leider (paperback
   • Nazi Cinema's New Women, by Jana F. Bruns (paperback reprint)
   • No Traveler Returns: The Lost Years of Bela Lugosi, by Gary D. Rhodes & Bill
           Kaffenberger (paperback)
   • The Origins of Leftwing Cinema in China, 1932–37, by Vivian Shen (paperback
   • The Past is a Moving Picture: Preserving the Twentieth Century on Film, by
           Janna Jones
   • The Rat Pack: 2013 Wall Calendar, by Aquarius Images (calendar)
   • Raymond Chandler: A Mysterious Something in the Light, by Tom Williams
   • Screen Nazis: Cinema, History, & Democracy, by Sabine Hake (paperback)
   • Screening Nostalgia: 100 Years of German Heimat Film, edited by Alexander
           Ludewig (paperback)
   • The Secret Lives of Somerset Maugham: A Biography, by Selina Hastings
           (paperback edition)
   • Sex Sells: Women in Photography & Film, by Rhetta Akamatsu (self–published
   • A Ship Without a Sail: The Life of Lorenz Hart, by Gary Marmorstein
   • Shock Theatre, Chicago Style: WBKB–TV's Late Night Horror Showcase,
, by Donald F. Glut (paperback)
   • The Silent Films of Harry Langdon (1923–1928), by James L. Neibaur
   • Soured on the System: Disaffected Men in 20th Century American Film, by
           Robert T. Schultz (paperback)
   • Stan Without Ollie: The Stan Laurel Solo Films, 1917–1927, by Ted Okuda &
           James L. Neibaur (paperback)
   • Tender Comrades: A Backstory of the Hollywood Blacklist, by Patrick McGilligan
           and Paul Buhle (paperback reprint)
   • 3–D Revolution: The History of Modern Stereoscopic Cinema, by Ray Zone
   • 25 Underrated Horror Films (And 'The Exorcist'), by Paul Counelis (self–published
   • Timeless Thomas: How Thomas Edison Changed Our Lives, by Gene Barretta
           (written for young adults)
   • Visconti & the German Dream: Romanticism, Wagner & the Nazi Catastrophe
           in Film
, by David Huckvale (paperback)
   • We Love Lucy: Celebrating Lucille Ball at 100 (LIFE Magazine), by the Editors
           of LIFE Magazine
   • What's That From: A Book for Movie Lovers, by Matthew Schiffmacher
           (self–published book of trivia)
   • When Silence Was Golden: The Legendary Laughter Series (Vol. 2), by Robert
           Foster (self–published paperback)
   • Who Killed Lady Lawford?, by Buddy Galon (edited by Adolph Caso) (paperback)
   • The World's Greatest Lion, by Ralph Helfer (illustrated by Ted Lewin) (the real–life
           story of the MGM Studios' lion) (written for young adults)

August, 2012:

   • Adapting Poe: Re–Imaginings in Popular Culture, edited by Dennis R. Perry &
           Carl H. Sederholm
   • Amazing African–American Actors
, by Jeff C. Young
   • The Basque Nation On–Screen: Cinema, Nationalism, & Political Violence
, by
           Santiago de Pablo (paperback)
   • Becoming Ken Russell: The Authorised Biography of Ken Russell, Vol. 1
, by
           Paul Sutton (paperback)
   • Beverly Hills Confidential: A Century of Stars, Scandals & Murders
, by Barbara
           Schroeder & Clark Fogg
   • Beyond the Screen: Institutions, Networks, & Publics of Early Cinema
, edited by
           Marta Braun, et al. (paperback)
   • C.B. DeMille: The Man Who Invented Hollywood
, by Robert Hammond (fiction:
           based on the life and work of Cecil B. DeMille)
   • Charlie Chaplin's Own Story: Being a Faithful Recital of a Romantic Career
, by
           Charlie Chaplin (paperback reprint of 1916 edition)
   • The Cinema & Cinema–Going in Scotland, 1896–c.1950
, by Trevor Griffiths
   • The Cinema of Germany
, by Joseph Garncarz & Annemone Ligensa
   • Critical Essays on Colombian Cinema & Culture: Cinembargo Colombia
, by
           Juana Suarez (translated by Laura Chesak)
   • Dancing Cinema 2013 (Calendar)
, published by Tushita Verlag (wall calendar)
   • Death in Hollywoodland
, (Coffee Table Edition) by Will Phillips (self–published
   • Death of the Moguls: The End of Classical Hollywood
, by Wheeler Winston Dixon
   • Destination London: German–Speaking Emigres & British Cinema, 1925–1950
           edited by Tim Bergfelder & Christian Cargnelli (paperback reprint)
   • Directory of World Cinema: Finland
, edited by Pietari Kaapa (paperback)
   • Eighteen Comedians of Silent Film
, by Anthony Balducci (self–published paperback)
   • The Encyclopedia of Feature Players of Hollywood, Volume 1
, by Tom Goldrup &
           Jim Goldrup
   • The Encyclopedia of Feature Players of Hollywood, Volume 2
, by Tom Goldrup &
           Jim Goldrup (paperback)
   • The Encyclopedia of Feature Players of Hollywood, Volume 3
, by Tom Goldrup &
           Jim Goldrup (paperback)
   • Entertainment Industry: A Reference Handbook
, by Michael Haupert
   • European Directors & Their Films: Essays on Cinema
, edited by Bert Cardullo
   • Feminist Film Studies
, by Karen Hollinger
   • Film Fanatics Trivia Puzzles 2013
, published by Sellers Publishing (daily calendar)
   • Fool for Love: F. Scott Fitzgerald
, by Scott Donaldson (paperback reprint)
   • France's New Deal: From the Thirties to the Postwar Era
, by Philip Nord
           (paperback reprint)
   • French Cinema From the Liberation to the New Wave, 1945–1958
, by Andre
           Bazin (edited by Bert Cardullo) (paperback reprint)
   • The G.A.S.P. Factor: A Review Guide to Horror & Sci–Fi Cinema, by Tony Schaab,
           et al. (paperback)
   • Geraldine Farrar: Opera's Charismatic Innovator, (2nd edition) by Elizabeth Nash
   • 'Gone With the Wind' on Film: A Complete Reference, by Cynthia Marylee Molt
           (paperback reprint)
   • Great Sports Stories: The Legendary Films, by William Russo (self–published
   • Harry H. Corbett: The Front Legs of the Cow, by Susannah Corbett (paperback ed.)
   • Hedy's Folly: The Life & Breakthrough Inventions of Hedy Lamarr, the Most
           Beautiful Woman in the World
, by Richard Rhodes (paperback edition)
   • A History of the Media in Ireland, by Christopher Morash (paperback reprint)
   • Hitchcock: The Murderous Gaze, (2nd edition) by William Rothman
   • Hollywood Cinema & the Real Los Angeles, by Mark Shiel
   • Hollywood Surf & Beach Movies: The First Wave, 1959–1969, by Thomas Lisanti
           (paperback reprint)
   • Hollywood's South Seas & the Pacific War: Searching for Dorothy Lamour, by
           Chris Dixon & Sean Brawley
   • Hurrell: The Kobal Collection, by Phil Moad (edited by Tony Nourmand)
   • An Introduction to Film Analysis: Technique & Meaning in Narrative Film, by
           Michael Ryan & Melissa Lenos
   • Italian Neorealist Cinema, by Torunn Haaland
   • A Joan for All Seasons: Joan of Arc in History & the Movies, by Maeve Maddox
   • Leaving Home: A Hollywood Blacklisted Writer's Years Abroad, by Anne Edwards
   • Leonard Maltin's 2013 Movie Guide: The Modern Era, by Leonard Maltin
   • Living With Miss G, by Mearene Jordan (paperback) (a memoir of Ava Gardner)
   • Lon Chaney as The Man Who Laughs, by Philip J. Riley (paperback)
   • The Lone Ranger: The Unofficial Biography & Reference, by Jennifer Warner
           (self–published paperback)
   • The Manoel Theatre: A Short History, by Paul Xuereb (paperback)
   • Marilyn Monroe: The Personal Archives, by Cindy De La Hoz (hardcover reprint)
   • Military Comedy Films: A Critical Survey & Filmography of Hollywood Releases
           Since 1918
, by Hal Erickson (paperback)
   • Mourning Films: A Critical Study of Loss & Grieving in Cinema, by Richard
           Armstrong (paperback)
   • Movies to See – or Not to See: Unusual Views & Reviews, by William Russo
           (self–published paperback)
   • Mystery Movie Series of 1930s Hollywood, by Ron Backer (paperback)
   • Myths & Hitches 4: Misconceptions, Fallacies & False Beliefs About Science &
           Philosophy, Art & Literature, Film & Music, & Fantasy & Mythology
, by
           Don M. Ferry (self–published paperback)
   • Nicholas Ray: The Glorious Failure of an Amercian Director, by Patrick McGilligan
           (paperback edition)
   • North Korea Cinema: A History, by Johannes Schönherr (paperback)
   • Observations: Studies in New Zealand Documentary, by Russell Campbell
   • Pioneer Canadian Actors: The Stories Behind Legends of the Silver Screen,
           by Stone Wallace (paperback)
   • Polanski & Perception: The Psychology of Seeing & the Cinema of Roman
, by Davide Caputo (paperback)
   • The Popular French Cinema: From the Classical to the Trans–national, by
           Ginette Vincendeau
   • Queen of Vaudeville: The Story of Eva Tanguay, by Andrew L. Erdman
   • Robert Wise: Shadowlands, by Wes D. Gehring
   • Science Fiction (Routledge Film Guidebooks), by Mark Bould
   • Screening Songs in Hispanic & Lusophone Cinema, edited by Lisa Shaw, et al.
   • Selected Letters of Katherine Anne Porter: Chronicles of a Modern Woman,
           edited by Darlene Harbour Unrue
   • Soviet Animation & the Thaw of the 1960s: Not Only for Children, by Laura
           Pontieri (paperback)
   • Steal Her Style: Iconic Fashion Looks & How to Get Their Look, by Sarah Kennedy
   • Travelling Light, by Nicholas Wright (a play about European immigrants who became
           major players during Hollywood's Golden Age) (paperback)
   • The Two Frank Thrings, by Peter Fitzpatrick
   • 2013 Betty Boop Special Edition Calendar, published by Day Dream (calendar)
   • 2013 'Gone With the Wind' Wall Calendar, published by Day Dream (calendar)
   • 2013 The Three Stooges Wall Calendar, published by Day Dream (calendar)
   • 2013 'The Wizard of Oz' Wall Calendar, published by Day Dream (calendar)
   • The Voice that Amazed America: The Life & Singing Career of Tommy Dix, by
           Ken Robichaux (self–published paperback)
   • Walt's People, Vol. 12: Talking Disney with the Artists Who Knew Him, edited
           by Didier Ghez (self–published paperback)

September, 2012:

   • Adapting Graham Greene: Cinema, Television, Radio, by Richard J. Hand
   • Agatha Christie: An Autobiography
, by Agatha Christie (paperback reprint)
   • Agatha Christie: Murder in the Making – More Stories & Secrets from Her
, by John Curran (paperback edition)
   • American Cinema from the 1890s to the 2000s (Screen Decades Series)
           (11 volume set) edited by Murray Pomerance & Lester Friedman (paperback)
   • American Life & Movies from 'The Ten Commandments' to 'Twilight'
, by Daniel
   • American Literature on Stage & Screen: 525 Works & Their Adaptations, by
           Thomas S. Hischak (paperback)
   • Animation Under the Swastika: A History of Trickfilm in Nazi Germany, 1933–
, by Rolf Giesen & J.P. Storm (paperback)
   • An Army of Phantoms: American Movies & the Making of the Cold War, by
           J. Hoberman (paperback edition)
   • Ava Gardner's Daughter?: An Investigation into Two Women's Pasts, by
           Douglas Winslow Cooper and Marie Elizabeth Foglia (self–published paperback)
   • Beyond 'Casablanca': 100 Classic Movies Worth Watching, by Jennifer C. Garlen
   • Chester Gould: A Daughter's Biography of the Creator of Dick Tracy, by Jean
           Gould O'Connell (paperback reprint)
   • Children of the City: At Work & At Play, by David Nasaw (paperback reprint)
   • Cinema's Sinister Psychiatrists: From Caligari to Hannibal, by Sharon Packer
   • 'Citizen Kane' (BFI Film Classics), (2nd edition) by Laura Mulvey (paperback)
   • The Dark Heart of Hollywood: Glamour, Guns & Gambling – Inside the Mafia's
           Global Empire
, by Douglas Thompson (paperback)
   • A Dictionary of Film Studies, by Annette Kuhn & Guy Westwell (paperback)
   • Don't You Know Who I Am?: Discovering My Past Life As Thelma Todd, by
           Lana Cheryl Johnson (speculative memoir) (self–published paperback)
   • Elizabeth Taylor (BFI Film Stars), by Susan Smith (paperback)
   • Encyclopedia of Best Films: A Century of All the Finest Movies, by Jay Robert
   • The Essential Cecil Beaton, by Philippe Garner & David Alan Mellor (hardcover reprint)
   • Evenings With Cary Grant: Recollections in His Own Words & by Those Who
           Knew Him Best
, by Nancy Nelson (paperback reprint)
   • Exploring Guinevere's Search for Authenticity in the Arthurian Romances: The
           Thousand–year Quest of a Mythic Woman to Find Her Historical Embodiment
           in Film & Literature
, by Janet Bubar Rich
   • 52 Little Lessons from 'It's A Wonderful Life', by Bob Welch
   • Film Noir Graphics: Where Danger Lives, by Alain Silver & James Ursini
           (self–published paperback)
   • The Films of Joseph H. Lewis, edited by Gary D. Rhodes (paperback)
   • Forgotten Horrors, Vol. 2: Beyond the Horror Ban, by Michael H. Price & George
           E. Turner (self–published paperback)
   • France, Film, & the Holocaust: From Genocide to Shoah, by Ferzina Banaji
   • Giving a Damn About Scarlett: And Why We Still Do, by Barbara Goulter
           (self–published paperback)
   • Gods Like Us: On Movie Stardom & Modern Fame, Ty Burr
   • Historical Dictionary of Crime Films, by Geoff Mayer
   • Historical Dictionary of Scandinavian Cinema, by John Sundholm, et al.
   • History By Hollywood Volume II: The United States Since the Great War, by
           Charles Nelson Williams (self–published paperback)
   • The Hollywood Sign Girl, by James Rourke (fiction: set during Hollywood's silent–film
           era) (self–published paperback)
   • Hollywood Unknowns: A History of Extras, Bit Players, & Stand-Ins, by Anthony
   • Hollywood's Chosen People: The Jewish Experience in American Cinema, edited
           by Daniel Bernardi & Murray Pomerance (paperback)
   • Hollywood's Italians: From Periphery to Promenti, by Salvatore J. LaGumina
   • A Hundred Years of Japanese Film: A Concise History, with a Selective Guide
           to DVDs & Videos
, (revised & updated) by Donald Richie (paperback)
   • I Called Him Uncle Will: A Niece Remembers Life With Her Famous Uncle, Will
, by Doris "Coke" Lane Meyer (paperback)
   • A Hundred Years of Japanese Film: A Concise History, With a Selective Guide
           to DVDs and Videos
, (revised & updated) by Donald Richie (paperback reprint)
   • James Dean: The Illustrious Life of an Icon, by Adam Loewenbaum (fictitious
           autobiography) (paperback)
   • Jesus at the Movies: A Guide to the First Hundred Years & Beyond, (3rd edition)
           by W. Barnes Tatum (paperback)
   • Latin American History Goes to the Movies, by Stewart Brewer
   • Laura Lamont's Life in Pictures, by Emma Straub (fiction: a Midwestern girl goes to
           Hollywood during its Golden Age and becomes a star)
   • The Leading Man: Hollywood & the Presidential Image, by Burton W. Peretti
   • Legendary Locals of the Santa Clarita Valley, by Alan Pollack, et al. (paperback)
   • Life Itself: A Memoir, by Roger Ebert (paperback edition)
   • Lone Pine in the Movies: Celebrating the Centennials, by Chris Langley, et al.
           (self–published paperback)
   • Lone Pine in the Movies: Celebrating the Roy Rogers Centennial, by James V.
           D'Arc, et al. (self–published paperback)
   • Lukácsian Film Theory & Cinema: A Study of Georg Lukács' Writing on Film
, by Ian Aitken
   • Madcap May: Mistress of Myth, Men, & Hope, by Richard Kurin
   • Marilyn, edited by Stefania Ricci & Sergio Risalti
   • Marilyn Monroe, by Norman Mailer & Bert Stern
   • Masters of Cinema: Roman Polanski, by David Ehrenstein (paperback)
   • Memories of the Great American Ice Shows, by Jimmy Lawrence (self–published
   • 'Metropolis' (BFI Film Classics), (2nd edition) by Thomas Elsaesser (paperback)
   • Movie Stars from the 1910s to the 2000s (Star Decades Series), (10 volume set)
           edited by Adrienne McLean & Murray Pomerance (paperback)
   • Murder on the Hearst Yacht, by Joe Morella & Edward Z. Epstein (fiction) (paperback
           reprint of 'The Ince Affair')
   • A New History of German Cinema, edited by Jennifer M. Kapczynski & Michael D.
   • No City for Dreaming: The Long Lost Manuscript of Lou Beach, by Don O'Melveny
           (fiction: about the death of Marilyn Monroe) (self–published paperback reprint)
   • Oxford Dictionary of Film Studies, by Annette Kuhn & Guy Westwell (paperback)
   • Promoting the War Effort: Robert Horton & Federal Propaganda, 1938–1946,
           by Mordecai Lee
   • Radio Times Guide to Films, 2013, compiled by Radio Times magazine (paperback)
   • The Rebel & the King, by Nick Adams (paperback)
   • The Science Fiction Universe . . . And Beyond: Syfy Channel Book of Sci–Fi, by
           Michael Mallory
   • Screen Guide for Americans, by Ayn Rand (paperback reprint of a 1947 pamphlet)
   • Sex Lives of the Hollywood Goddesses, by Nigel Cawthorne (paperback)
   • 'Singin' in the Rain' (BFI Film Classics), (2nd edition) by Peter Wollen (paperback)
   • 'Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs' (BFI Film Classics), by Eric Smoodin
   • Specters of War: Hollywood's Engagement with Military Conflict, by Elisabeth
   • Stanley Kubrick: Drama & Shadows (Photographs 1945–1950), by Rainer Crone
           (paperback reprint)
   • Star Studies: A Critical Guide (BFI), by Martin Shingler (paperback)
   • Stars in Dior, by Jerome Hanover (a love letter to the cinema from The House of Dior)
   • They Knew Marilyn Monroe: Famous Persons in the Life of the Hollywood Icon,
           by Les Harding (paperback)
   • To Kidnap Bing Crosby's Bride, by Vance H. Trimble (fiction) (self–published
   • Too Much Horror Business: The Kirk Hammett Collection, by Kirk Hammett &
           Stefan Chirazi
   • Tribute: Elizabeth Taylor, by Dina Gachman (paperback comic book)
   • 2013 Charlie Chaplin Wall Calendar, published by teNeues (calendar)
   • 'Vertigo' (BFI Film Classics), (2nd edition) by Charles Barr (paperback)
   • Watch & Learn: Rhetorical Devices in Classroom Films After 1940, by Eef
           Masson (paperback)
   • 'Went the Day Well?' (BFI Film Classics), (2nd edition) by Penelope Houston
   • 'The Wizard of Oz' (BFI Film Classics), (2nd edition) by Salman Rushdie (paperback)
   • The 'Wizard of Oz' Twister Kit: Kansas to Oz in One Spin, published by Running

October, 2012:

   • The Aesthetics of Antifascist Film: Radical Projection, by Jennifer Barker
   • Also Starring . . . : Forty Biographical Essays on the Greatest Character Actors
           of Hollywood's Golden Era, 1930–1965
, by Cynthia Brideson & Sara Brideson
   • Behind the Scream: The Truth About Horror Films
, by Christopher Gregory
   • Between Still & Moving Images: Photography & Cinema in the 20th Century
           edited by Laurent Guido & Olivier Lugon (paperback)
   • The Big Screen: The Story of the Movies
, by David Thomson
   • British Crime Film: Subverting the Social Order
, by Barry Forshaw
   • The British New Wave
, by B.F. Taylor (paperback reprint)
   • Celebrating 'It's A Wonderful Life': How the Movie's Message of Hope Lives On
           by Karolyn Grimes (paperback)
   • Charles McGraw: Biography of a Film Noir Tough Guy
, by Alan K. Rode (paperback
   • Christmas in Tinseltown: The Dead Celebrity Cookbook Presents Celebrity
           Recipes & Hollywood Memories from Six Feet Under the Mistletoe
, by Frank
           by Frank Decaro (paperback)
   • Christmas Movies, Reviewed
, by S.C. Lee (self–published paperback)
   • Cine|Scapes: Cinematic Spaces in Architecture & Cities
, by Richard Koeck
   • Classic Hollywood Style
, by Caroline Young
   • Comediennes: Laugh Be A Lady
, by Darryl J. Littleton & Tuezdae Littleton
   • A Companion to Literature, Film & Adaptation
, edited by Deborah Cartmell
   • The Disenchanted
, by Budd Schulberg (fiction: a masterful depiction of a writer during
           Hollywood's 'Golden Age') (paperback reprint) (large print edition)
   • A Disney Sketchbook
, by Ken Shue
   • Do the Movies Have a Future?
, by David Denby
   • Don't Stop Believin': Pop Culture & Religion from 'Ben–Hur' to Zombies
, edited
           by Robert K. Johnston, et al. (paperback)
   • Drawing the Line: The Untold Story of the Animation Unions from Bosko to
           Bart Simpson
, by Tom Sito (paperback reprint)
   • Early Reagan: The Rise to Power
, by Anne Edwards (paperback reprint)
   • Elizabeth Taylor: A Shining Legacy on Film
, by Cindy De La Hoz
   • Elizabeth Taylor: There is Nothing Like a Dame
, by Darwin Porter & Danforth
           Prince (paperback)
   • Emilio Fernández: Pictures in the Margins, by Dolores Tierney (paperback reprint)
   • The Fairest One of All: The Making of Walt Disney's 'Snow White & the Seven
, by J.B. Kaufman
   • Film: An Introduction, (4th edition) by William H. Phillips
   • The Films of Donald Pleasence, by Christopher Gullo (paperback)
   • Fragments: Poems, Intimate Notes, Letters, by Marilyn Monroe (edited by Bernard
           Comment) (paperback reprint)
   • The Garner Files: A Memoir, by James Garner & Jon Winokur (paperback edition)
   • The Gershwins & Me: A Personal History in Twelve Songs, by Michael Feinstein
           (includes a CD of the songs performed by the author)
   • Hindi Cinema: Repeating the Subject, by Nandini Bhattacharya
   • Historical Dictionary of Chinese Cinema, by Tan Ye & Yun Zhu
   • History of Film, (2nd edition) by David Parkinson (paperback)
   • Hitchcock Annual (Volume 18), edited by Sidney Gottlieb (paperback)
   • Hollywood Costume, by Deborah Nadoolman Landis
   • Hollywood Myths: The Shocking Truths Behind Film's Most Incredible Secrets
           and Scandals
, by Joe Williams (paperback)
   • Hollywood on the Potomac: How the Movies View Washington, DC, by Mike
           Canning (paperback)
   • Ingrid Bergman: The Life, Career & Public Image, by David Smit (paperback)
   • Inventing Elsa Maxwell: How an Irrepressible Nobody Conquered High Society,
           Hollywood, the Press, & the World
, by Sam Staggs
   • In Vogue: An Illustrated History of the World's Most Famous Fashion Magazine,
           by Alberto Oliva & Norberto Angeletti (hardcover reprint)
   • Italian Post–Neorealist Cinema, by Luca Barattoni
   • Japanese Films: A Filmography & Commentary, 1921–1989, by Beverley Bare
           Buehrer (paperback reprint)
   • A Journey Through Documentary Film, by Luke Dormehl (paperback)
   • Katharine Hepburn: Rebel Chic, by Jean Druesedow, et al.
   • Lady Tree: A Theatrical Life in Letters, by Susana Cory–Wright (self–published
   • Last Day Every Day: Figural Thinking from Auerbach & Kracauer to Agamben &
, by Adrian Martin (paperback)
   • Lew Ayres: Hollywood's Conscientious Objector, by Lesley L. Coffin
   • Lindsay Anderson: Cinema Authorship (British Film Makers), by John Izod, et al.
   • Looking at Movies: An Introduction to Film, (4th edition) by Richard Barsam &
           Dave Monahan (paperback)
   • Looking for Miss Crabtree: And Other Confessions of a Gravehunter, by Kevin W.
           Buck (self–published paperback)
   • Lost Chicago, by John Paulett & Judy Floodstrand
   • The Man Who Saw A Ghost: The Life & Work of Henry Fonda, by Devin McKinney
   • Marc Blitzstein: His Life, His Work, His World, by Howard Pollack
   • Marcel Carné (French Film Directors), by Jonathan Driskell
   • Marilyn Monroe: NYC, 1955 (Photographs by Peter Mangone), by Jason Danziger
   • Marilyn Monroe Versus The Nazi Colonel, by Kett Fischer (fiction) (self–published
   • Massacred by Mother Nature: Exploring the Natural Horror Film, by Lee Gambin
   • Movie Box, by Paolo Mereghetti
   • Moving Pictures: A Novel of Early Hollywood, by K.L.A. Hyatt (fiction)
           (self–published paperback)
   • Noir Shadows in the Land of Eternal Sunshine: A Study of Los Angeles Film
           Noir & Media Fictions
, by Herman Drwila (paperback)
   • Old Hollywood in Color, Vol. 3: When Stars Spoke, by Robert M. Fells
           (self–published paperback)
   • 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die, (fully updated) by Steven Jay Scheider
   • 100 Ideas that Changed Photography, by Mary Warner Marien (paperback)
   • Pass the Popcorn Please: 87 Watchable Movies You Should View, by J.M.
           Harrison (self–published paperback)
   • Patterns of Bias in Hollywood Movies, by John Cones
   • Pauline Kael: A Life in the Dark, by Brian Kellow (paperback edition)
   • Peter Sellers: A Film History, by Michael Seth Starr (paperback reprint)
   • The Redgraves: A Family Epic, by Donald Spoto
   • Reel Terror: The Scary, Bloody, Gory, Hundred–Year History of Classic Horror
, by David Konow (paperback)
   • Regarding the Cinema: Fifteen Filmmakers & Their Films, by Bert Cardullo
   • Regional Horror Films, 1958–1990: A State–by–State Guide With Interviews,
           by Brian Albright (paperback)
   • The Richard Burton Diaries, by Richard Burton (edited by Chris Williams)
   • Ride, Boldly Ride: The Evolution of the American Western, by Mary Lea Bandy &
           Kevin Stoehr
   • Rin Tin Tin: The Life & the Legend, by Susan Orlean (paperback edition)
   • Robeson: An American Ballad, by Arnold H. Lubasch
   • Screen Jesus: Portrayals of Christ in Television & Film, by Peter Malone
   • A Sense–of–Wonderful Century: Explorations of Science Fiction & Fantasy
, by Gary Westfahl (paperback)
   • Silver Screens on the Prairie: An Illustrated History of Motion Picture Theaters
           in Manitoba
, by Russ Gourluck (paperback)
   • 'Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs': The Art & Creation of Walt Disney's
           Animated Film
, by J.B. Kaufman
   • So Who's Your Mother?, by Tarquin Olivier
   • Spencer Tracy: A Life in Pictures, edited by Brenda Loew
   • Steve McQueen: A Biography, by Marc Eliot (paperback edition)
   • Thornton Wilder: A Life, by Penelope Niven
   • The Trouble With Scarlett, by Martin Turnbull (fiction: set during the making of 'Gone
           With the Wind') (self–published paperback)
   • 20th Century American Pop Culture: A Year by Year Timeline, by Eric Lee Nelson
           (self–published paperback)
   • Variety: An Illustrated History of the World from the Most Important Magazine
           in Hollywood
, by Tim Gray
   • Visions of a New Land: Soviet Film From the Revolution to the Second World
, by Emma Widdis (paperback reprint)
   • Western Movie References in American Literature, by Henryk Hoffmann
   • The Wizard of MGM: Memoirs of A. Arnold Gillespie, Art Director/Head of
           Special Effects from 1924–1965
, by A. Arnold Gillespie (paperback)
   • Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide, (2nd edition) by Glenn Kay (paperback)

November, 2012:

   • American Girls, Beer, & Glenn Miller: GI Morale in World War II, by James J.
   • Audrey: The 60s
, by David Wills (rare & classic images of Audrey Hepburn)
   • The Biographical Encyclopedia of Hollywood, Vol. 2
, Barry Monush (paperback)
   • California Then & Now: People & Places
, by Karl Mondon
   • Cinematic Perspectives on Digital Culture: Consorting with the Machine
, by
           Norman Taylor
   • Color & the Moving Image: History, Theory, Aesthetics, Archive (AFI Film
, edited by Simon Brown, et al.
   • Colour Films in Britain: The Negotiation of Innovation 1900–1955
, by Sarah
   • Danny Kaye: King of Jesters
, by David Koenig
   • Denver's Historic Elitch Theatre: A Nostalgic Journey
, by Theodore A. Borrillo
   • The Disappearance of Darkness: Photography at the End of the Analog Era
. by
           Robert Burley
   • The Disney Song Encyclopedia
, (updated edition) by Thomas S. Hischak & Mark A.
           Robinson (paperback)
   • Ealing Revisited
, edited by Mark Duguid, et al.
   • East is West & West is East: Gender, Culture, & Interwar Encounters Between
           Asia & America
, by Karen Kuo
   • The Entertainer: Movies, Magic, & My Father's Twentieth Century
, by Margaret
   • Eyes of Blood: The Hammer Films 'Dracula' Cycle starring Christopher Lee
, by
           Jack Hunter (paperback)
   • Fallen Angels: Chronicles of L.A. Crime & Mystery
, by Marvin J. Wolf & Katherine
           Mader (self–published paperback reprint)
   • Film & Light: The History of Filmlighting is the History of Film
, by Richard Blank
   • Film Remakes: Adaptations & Fan Productions
, edited by Kathleen Loock &
           Constantine Verevis
   • First Films of the Holocaust: Soviet Cinema & the Genocide of the Jews,
, by Jeremy Hicks (paperback)
   • Flying on Film: A Century of Aviation in the Movies, 1912–2012
, by Mark
           Carlson (paperback)
   • Forgotten Landmarks of Detroit
, by Dan Austin (paperback)
   • Fox Theatre (Images of America)
, by Janice McDonald (paperback)
   • The Gay Male Sleuth in Print & Film: A History & Annotated Bibliography
, by
           Drewey Wayne Gunn (hardcover reprint)
   • Gone But Not Forgotten: The Clyde Cook Story
, by Mitch McKay (self–published
   • Historical Dictionary of Taiwan Cinema
, by Daw–Ming Lee
   • Hollywood Bound
, by Peter Doggett (edited by Tony Nourmand)
   • The Hollywood Scandal Almanac: Twelve Months of Sinister, Salacious, &
           Senseless History
, by Jerry Roberts (paperback)
   • Hollywood Sketchbook: A Century of Costume Illustration
, by Deborah
           Nadoolman Landis
   • Hollywood Unseen: Photographs from the John Kobal Foundation
, by Robert
   • 'I Say, I Say . . . Son!': A Tribute to Legendary Animators Bob, Chuck, & Tom
, by Robert McKimson, Jr.
   • In Glorious Technicolor: A Century of Film & How It Has Shaped Us
, by Francine
           Stock (paperback edition)
   • John Carter & the Gods of Hollywood
, by Michael D. Sellers (paperback)
   • John Gielgud: Matinee Idol to Movie Star
, by Jonathan Croall (paperback edition)
   • Lion of Hollywood: The Life & Legend of Louis B. Mayer
, by Scott Eyman
           (paperback reprint)
   • Listening to Stanley Kubrick: The Music in His Films
, by Christine Lee Gengaro
   • Location Filming in Long Beach
, by Tim Grobaty (paperback)
   • The Love of 'The Last Tycoon' & 'The Crack–Up'
, by F. Scott Fitzgerald ('The Last
           Tycoon' is a novel based on the life of film producer Irving Thalberg) (paperback
   • Make Film History: Rewrite, Reshoot, & Recut the World's Greatest Films
, by
           Gerst Robert (paperback)
   • Mary Pickford: Queen of the Movies
, edited by Christel Schmidt
   • Mel Blanc: The Man of a Thousand Voices
, by Ben Ohmart (paperback)
   • A Miracle a Mile Long
, by Jean Perry Chapman (self–published paperback)
   • Moments Captured: A Novel
, by Robert J. Seidman (fiction: features Edward
           (aka: Eadweard) Muybridge who pioneered photographic studies of motion and
           motion picture projection)
   • My First Movie Themes Songbook: A Treasury of Favorite Songs to Play
           published by the Hal Leonard Corporation
   • My Song: A Memoir
, by Harry Belafonte (with Michael Shnayerson) (paperback edition)
   • New York Then & Now
, by Marcia Reiss & Evan Joseph (hardcover reprint)
   • Nightmare Alley: Film Noir & the American Dream
, by Mark Osteen
   • The Old West in Fact & Film: History Versus Hollywood
, by Jeremy Agnew
   • One World, Big Screen: Hollywood, the Allies, & World War II
, by Michael Todd
   • Painting, Literature, & Film in Colombian Feminine Culture, 1940–2005
, by
           Deborah Martin
   • Paris by Hollywood
, edited by Antoine de Beacque
   • The Patriarch: The Remarkable Life & Turbulent Times of Joseph P. Kennedy
           by David Nasaw
   • Queue Tips: Discovering Your Next Great Movie
, by Rob Christopher (paperback)
   • Refiguring Melodrama in Film & Television: Captive Affects, Elastic Sufferings,
           Vicarious Objects
, by Agustin Zarzosa
   • Rick's Cafe: Bringing the Film Legend to Life in Casablanca
, by Kathy Kriger
   • Shadow of a Mouse: Performance, Belief, & World–Making in Animation
, by
           Donald Crafton
   • 'Show Boat': Performing Race in an American Musical, by Todd Decker
   • Sinatra & Me: The Very Good Years, by Franz Douskey and Tony Consiglio
   • Southern Mountaineers in Silent Films: Plot Synopses of Movies about
           Moonshining, Feuding & other Mountain Topics, 1904–1929
, by J.W.
           Williamson (paperback reprint)
   • 'Strangers on a Train': A Queer Film Classic, by Jonathan Goldberg (paperback)
   • Struggles for Equal Voice: The History of African American Media Democracy,
           by Yuya Kiuchi
   • Tarzan: The Centennial Celebration, by Scott Tracy Griffin
   • Ten Great Films, by Stanley Kauffmann (paperback)
   • 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' on the American Stage & Screen, by John W. Frick
   • Wartime Kiss: Visions of the Moment in the 1940s, by Alexander Nemerov
   • Who Won?!? An Irreverent Look at the Oscars: Vol. 1, 1927–1943, by Robert
           James (paperback)
   • The World of Agatha Christie: The Facts & Fiction Behind the World's Greatest
           Crime Writer
, by Martin Fido (hardcover reprint)
   • The Worlds of Wolf Mankowitz: Between Elite & Popular Cultures in Post–War
, by Anthony J. Dunn

December, 2012:

   • Abraham Polonsky: Interviews, edited by Andrew Dickos
   • Alejandro's Story
, by Roberto de Haro (fiction: takes place in and around the movie
           industry during Hollywood's 'Golden Age') (self–published paperback)
   • Amateur Film: Meaning & Practice, c.1927–77
, by Heather Nicholson
   • American Film Cycles: Reframing Genres, Screening Social Problems, &
           Defining Subcultures
, by Amanda Ann Klein (paperback edition)
   • American Independent Cinema: indie, indiewood & beyond
, edited by Geoff
           King, et al. (paperback)
   • Americans All: Good Neighbor Cultural Diplomacy in World War II
, by Darlene
           J. Sadlier
   • Audiences
, edited by Ian Christie (paperback)
   • Barbed Wire, Windmills, & Sixguns: A Book of Trivia, Fact, & Folklore About
           Westerns & the American West
, by Donald K. Kirk (paperback)
   • Behind the Scenes at the BBFC: Film Classification from the Silver Screen to
           the Digital Age
, edited by Edward Lamberti (paperback)
   • Best Movie Scenes: 549 Memorable Bank Robberies, Car Chases, Duels,
           Haircuts, Job Interviews, Swearing Scenes, Window Scenes & Others,
           By Topic
, (2nd edition) by Sanford Levine (paperback)
   • Beverly Garland: Her Life & Career
, by Deborah Del Vecchio (paperback)
   • Beyond Dead End: The Solo Careers of The Dead End Kids
, by Joseph Fusco
   • Bible & Cinema: Fifty Key Films
, edited by Adele Reinhartz
   • Bogart '48
, by John Stanley & Kenn Davis (fiction: featuring Humphrey Bogart, Peter
           Lorre and other Hollywood personalities in a Hollywood mystery) (paperback reprint)
   • Cannibalism in Literature & Film
, by Jennifer Brown
   • Chinese Cinema (Critical Concepts in Media & Cultural Studies)
, (4 volumes)
           edited by Chris Berry
   • Chorley Through the 1950s
, by Jack Smith (paperback)
   • Cinematic Flashes: Cinephilia & Classical Hollywood
, by Rashna Wadia Richards
   • Commie Cowboys: The Bourgeoisie & the Nation–State in the Western Genre
           by Ryan W. McMaken (self–published paperback)
   • A Companion to Film Comedy
, edited by Andrew Horton & Joanna E. Rapf
   • A Companion to Spanish Cinema
, edited by Jo Labanyi & Tatjana Pavlovic
   • Contemplating Shostakovich: Life, Music & Film
, edited by Alexander Ivashkin &
           Andrew Kirkman
   • The Critical Eye: An Introduction to Looking at Movies
, (4th edition) by Margo
           Kasdan & Susan Tavernetti (paperback)
   • Cult Film Stardom: Offbeat Attractions & Processes of Cultification
, edited by
           Kate Egan & Sarah Thomas
   • Dancing With a Star: The Maxine Barrat Story
, by Kristin Baggelaar (paperback)
   • Deeply Superficial: Marlene Dietrich, Noël Coward, & Me
, by Michael Menzies
   • Directory of World Cinema: Britain
, edited by Emma Bell & Neil Mitchell (paperback)
   • The Disney Middle Ages: A Fairy–Tale & Fantasy Past
, edited by Tison Pugh &
           Susan Aronstein
   • Disney's Most Notorious Film: Race, Convergence, & the Hidden Histories of
           'Song of the South'
, by Jason Sperb
   • Doing Film Studies: A Subject Guide for Students
, by Sarah Casey Benyahia &
           Claire Mortimer
   • Drive: Journeys Through Film, Cities & Landscapes
, by Iain Borden (paperback)
   • 80 Years of British Fantastic Films 1899–1979, by Trevor Smith (self–published
   • The Encyclopedia of Horror & Suspense Movies, Volume II
, by Eric Myford
           (self–published paperback)
   • Encyclopedia of Religious Controversies in the United States
, (2nd edition)
           edited by Bill J. Leonard & Jill Y. Crainshaw (2 volumes)
   • Film & Morality
, by Philip Gillett
   • Film Genre Reader IV
, (4th edition) edited by Barry Keith Grant
   • Film Stardom, Myth & Classicism: The Rise of Hollywood's Gods, by Michael
   • Filmpocalypse: 52 Cinematic Visions of the End, by Brock Wilbur (edited by Mike
           Cavalier) (paperback)
   • From Stage to Screen: Musical Films in Europe & the United States
, edited by Massimiliano Sala
   • Hitler – Films from Germany: History, Cinema & Politics Since 1945, edited by
           Martin A. Ruehl & Karolin Machtans
   • The Hollywood Family Film: A History, From Shirley Temple to Harry Potter,
           by Noel Brown
   • Icons of Danish Modernity: Georg Brandes & Asta Nielsen, by Julie K. Allen
   • Identity & Myth in Sports Documentaries: Critical Essays, edited by Zachary Ingle
           and David M. Sutera
   • Ingmar Bergman (Contemporary Approaches to Film & Media), by Robin Wood
           (edited by Barry Keith Grant), (New Edition) (paperback)
   • 'The Invisible Man', production background by Gregory Wm. Mank (paperback)
   • James Arness: An Autobiography, by James Arness (with James E. Wise, Jr.)
           (paperback reprint)
   • John Wayne: The Legend & the Man (An Exclusive Look Inside the Duke's
, by The Estate of John Wayne
   • Land of Smoke & Mirrors: A Cultural History of Los Angeles, by Vincent Brook
   • Lights! Camera! Gallop!: The Story of the Horse in Film, by Lesley Lodge (self–
           published paperback)
   • Mae Murray: The Girl With the Bee–Stung Lips, by Michael G. Ankerich
   • Making a Promised Land: Harlem in Twentieth–Century Photography & Film,
           by Paula J. Massood
   • Mamoulian: Life on Stage & Screen, by David Luhrssen
   • Media Parasites in the Early Avant–Garde: On the Abuse of Technology &
, by Arndt Niebisch
   • Memories in Melody: A Lifetime of Experiences From the Golden Era of Popular
, by Jack Ellsworth (self–published paperback)
   • Men & Masculinities in Irish Cinema, by Debbie Ging
   • Mickey Cohen: The Gangster Squad & the Mob – The True Story of Vice in Los
           Angeles, 1937–1950
, by Brad Lewis (abridged version of 'Hollywood's Celebrity
           Gangster') (self–published paperback)
   • Moments in Film: An Essential Understanding, by Ron Newcomer (paperback
   • More New Light on Movie Bests, by John Howard Reid (self–published paperback)
   • Movie Roadshows: A History & Filmography of Reserved–Seat Limited
           Showings, 1911–1973
, by Kim R. Holston (paperback)
   • Movies on Home Ground: Explorations in Amateur Cinema, by Ian Craven
   • Murders at the Orpheum Theatre, by Frank Cullen & Donald McNeilly (fiction:
           Vaudeville and early silent movies during 1916) (self–published paperback)
   • The Music of Fantasy Cinema, edited by Janet K. Halfyard
   • Muybridge: The Eye in Motion, by Stephen Barber
   • My Autobiography, by Charlie Chaplin (paperback reprint)
   • My Sister Marilyn: A Memoir of Marilyn Monroe, by Bernice Miracle & Mona
           Miracle (self–published paperback reprint)
   • Native Recognition: Indigenous Cinema & the Western, by Joanna Hearne
   • The Noir Forties: The American People From Victory to Cold War, by Richard
   • 'Odds Against Tomorrow': The Critical Edition, by Abraham Polonsky (paperback
   • Olympic Affair: A Novel of Hitler's Siren & America's Hero, by Terry Frei (fiction:
           focuses on the relationship between the German filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl & the
           American athlete Glenn Morris during the 1936 Berlin Olympics)
   • Paul Whiteman: Pioneer in American Music, 1930–1967 (Vol. 2), by Don Rayno
   • The Psychoanalysis of Marilyn Monroe, by Giosue Ghisalberti (fiction)
           (self–published paperback)
   • Rethinking the Femme Fatale in Film Noir: Ready for Her Close–Up, by Julie
           Grossman (paperback reprint)
   • The Revised Vault of Walt: Unofficial, Unauthorized, Uncensored Disney
           Stories Never Told
, (revised edition) by Jim Korkis (paperback)
   • Ruptures in the Western Empire: White Female Captives & Cinematic
, by Omar Moumni
   • The Scene of the Mass Crime: History, Film, & International Tribunals, edited by
           Peter Goodrich & Christian Delage
   • Sid Avery: The Art of the Hollywood Snapshot, by Ron Avery (edited by Tony
   • So Bad, It's Good: More Than 50 Great Films for Your Bad Movie Night, by
           Edward Scimia (self–published paperback)
   • The Songs of Hollywood, by Philip Furia & Laurie Patterson (paperback edition)
   • The Sounds of the Silents in Britain, edited by Julie Brown & Annette Davison
   • Stephen Boyd: From Belfast to Hollywood, by Joe Cushnan (self–published
   • The Strange Career of 'Porgy & Bess': Race, Culture, & America's Most Famous
, by Ellen Noonan
   • Studio City – A Mile of Style: What's History What's Gossip, by Joann R. Deutch
           (self–published paperback)
   • Studio Relations, by Georgie Lee (Romantic Fiction: set in a 1930s Hollywood studio)
   • The Synergy of Film & Music: Sight & Sound in Five Hollywood Films, by Peter
   • Teaching with the Screen: Pedagogy, Agency, & Media Culture, by Dan Leopard
   • Themes from My Father, by Janet Cantor Gari (paperback)
   • The Three Stooges: Hollywood Filming Locations, by Jim Pauley
   • Thus Saith Hollywood II: Classic Quotes & Timeless Truths, by Michael Elliott
   • Tony Richardson (British Film Makers), by Robert Shail
   • Tooth & Claw: A Field Guide to 'Nature Bites Back' Movies, by Dan Whitehead
           (self–published paperback)
   • A Two Reel Murder: A Maisy Malone Mystery Starring Mabel Normand & Mack
, by Larry Names (fiction) (paperback)
   • Western Movies: A Guide to 5,105 Feature Films, (2nd edition) by Michael R. Pitts
   • Who's Afraid of the 'Song of the South'?: And Other Forbidden Disney Stories,
           by Jim Korkis (paperback)
   • Yip Harburg: Legendary Lyricist & Human Rights Activist, by Harriet Hyman


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